[email protected] deals

Some of us wont be able to make it to [email protected] this year. And I know sometimes there are really good deals to be found, not just at the expo, but also online.

I would love it if you could share some [email protected] specials found online with the rest of us stuck at home.

I know Incredible Connection is having deals on laptops all week. I also think Evetech will be at the show and they have had deals online during show time previously.


Aaah yes, rAge “deals”


Evetech rAge 2018 Super Deals available till Tuesday 9th Oct 2018 or while stock last. limited time offer.

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Some nice SSD deals there

My experience as well. Stuff on the show floor tends to sell at inflated prices, not discounts. Maybe with some exceptions…

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Ooh, a headseat that normally sells for R310 is now R289, but it says I save R211 (73.01%)…

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Marketing 101: Our R100 product has been discounted by 25% from R200 to R150! Buy now!

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Yep, that’s why I always compare the pricing with online competitors. In this age of online shopping there is no excuse not to.

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Seems like a good deal.

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I cannot believe it is RAGE again!



I’ll be popping in tomorrow for a while. Want to go boardgame shopping, and maybe see what an actual gaming monitor looks like up close… :wink: