Rage 2 will run at 60FPS on Enhanced consoles and will be strictly single player

The ID/Avalanche collaborated Rage 2 will be a strictly single player affair unlike Rage 1 which had co-operative gameplay. This is no suprise as Avalanche is a company that only concentrates on single player titles and that the only relation to Rage 1 is the name, this is essentially a reboot of the IP.

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Very interesting that the game is running on Apex Engine. I would not have guessed that after watching the gameplay in action.

they apparently went back and optimised the engine alot, no surprise as just cause 3 runs like crap even on an Xbox one X, that was an unoptimised mess at the launch of this generation.

The engine does look like it received a ton of upgrades if you look at the just cause 4 and Generation Zero footage

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I wonder if it will still have that texture loading problem it had in rage?

It won’t as that was unique to IdTech’s “mega texture” system. It was debuted with Quake Wars I believe and that also suffered from tbe same problem.