rAge (2019)

I went through to this year’s rAge expo for the first time in a good few years. Had an enjoyable day meeting up with friends there, checking out the exhibits and having a few beers in the beer garden (I don’t remember them having that in previous years).

One thing that stood out was how dominant the PC platform was at the expo. The were PC oriented stands all over the place showing off the latest tech and displaying a whole of lot RGB shininess. AMD processors were very prevalent too in many of the rigs on display.

I had a chance to play BF5 on what must be a very expensive PC. Custom watercooled Asus ROG mobo, 2080ti GPU, 4K 144hz screen (think it was 32"). It was quite cool to see Ray Tracing in action - the explosions were certainly impressive!

It also a lot better with the LAN now being in a separate section and not taking up half the space in the Dome. There were many different stores/exhibits to see but still plenty space in the aisles to move around.

Did anyone else go? What did you think?


If I still stayed around there I would’ve joined… From what I heard, the expo’s and con’s around Cape Town are usually quite bad. I’ll see the next time there’s one around here.


Yep i went, i thought it was quite fun, bit weird that Dark Carnival wasn’t there, since they are always a favorite and usually make a killing there. I got a chance to play in the ASUS predator thronos, playing what I believe was forza horizon if I remember correctly, and i must say the chair is cool and all buuut there was some longevity problems, the buttons to “close” and “open” the chair to allow you in and out of the seat was sticking out, as in the material that explains what the button does was pierced, also in my personal opinion playing with those three screens would suck for gaming, as in order to see both my speed or minimap I had to physically turn my head. Also a huge problem I could see is, if a bathroom is urgently required that opening and closing could take just to long.

Further opinions, Sunday was quite busy actually, still less busy than Saturday and Friday but quite busy for a Sunday. Some interesting stalls, like the foam archery, keyboard assembling(putting in keys) and all the VR stands were always busy and had lines, liked that there was quite a few places where you could sit, they also had a lounge type area for people who wanted to watch non e-sports stuff, like the rugby on Saturday. Bit less cosplay as far as I could see but those that were there were quite good.

I also took part in the Playinc QR treasure hunt, was quite fun at first but then after a while some of them were so well hidden we could only find a total of 17/20 I was lucky that on the first day there was some really good prizes like a mug and drinking glasses, eventually found out that even if you find all 20 qr codes your name would go into a raffle and you would stand only a “chance” to win some “platinum” prizes and honestly after walking 13km in the first day to try and find the codes I kinda just gave up. Also did the Zagaquest from MSI which was better since it was kind of like a scavenger hunt where you had to complete “quests” and then got some free stuff as well.

Some local developers there as well, Riftwalker a Tower defence game made by a solo developer was quite fun currently on early access on steam for 10% off, Boet Fighter was also there and very popular, even getting a good hour or so on one of the stages . Also agree I like that the NAG LAN is now separated from the main floor giving more space for people which was also a big problem on Saturdays, as you used to feel like a can of sardines, but this time it was fine, never once found myself going “damn this is place it packed”

One gripe though: Why was there a stall selling shoe cleaner? felt they should not have been there, I also found it annoying each time walking by and being shouted at to come and test it because I wore leather shoes, and the smell of like soapy water each time from people going to go test it was not nice. If they were cleaning like PC stuff I would have been fine with it, but it kinda just felt out of place, might just be me though. Wished there were some more games to test, in previous rAge’s there were developers that would showcase games that are coming out later the year, but as far as I could see there were none this time, except I think a PREDATOR game, would have liked to play games like the new GRID, DOOM Eternal etc. but nothing and the only DOOM Eternal thing was a place where you take a photo with a cutout weapon to stand a chance to win the game for the PS4… who the Fk would play DOOM on console? made me a bit annoyed.

Going back home from jhb tomorrow so I will post my haul when I get back home, all in all quite happy with rAge this year, really enjoyed it.


Wasn’t there for very long, but I agree with @TechThief that it felt less crowded. My main goal was to go boardgame shopping, and that was a definite success. The other highlight for me was the robot championships; we stood watching that for a while and it was very impressive to see what the kids managed to do. The rest was business as usual, if you’ve ever been to rAge.

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Didn’t go and have never been.

Maybe next year we should arrange a meetup around rAge?


I did not go this year as last year was a fail and seeing that comic con was the weekend before did not see the point in going when it was the weekend after.