Red Dead 2 Might make an appearance on PC after all

VG24/7 has reported that a Rockstar employee's LinkedIn profile momentarily listed a Pc version alongside the announced PS4 and Xbox One versions.

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You beat me to it! I was busy typing out a post for this and saw you posted it.

I think Rockstar would be utterly stupid not to release the game on PC and I don’t see them not doing it. They made a killing with GTA V and from what we’ve heard about RDR2, they stand to make millions more with the online mode.

They can make great profit to monetise console and PC, as what they’re doing with GTA Online.

Exactly. I really don’t see the game not coming to PC.

I would wager it comes to PC, but after a ~6 month delay.

Gotta get those double dips yo.

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I would love this type of game but hopefully cyberpunk will come out before this comes to pc.

Probably not… The game launches later this year and let’s say we’re lucky and the PC version of RDR2 comes out in 2019. I don’t think CP2077 will be out in 2019 as i have a strong suspicion that it might release around the time the next gen consoles are released.

Either way i would to have both RDR2 and CP2077 on PC :grinning:

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