Regional Pricing Now Available for South Africa in Epic Games Store

When Epic Games launched their new games store in early December last year, they promised that regional pricing was on the way, and that South African game buyers could look forward to better deals on the Epic Games Store "in the near future".

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Well bollocks. The pricing table doesn’t convert very well at all. Sorry about that. Check the original post on the main site in the meantime. I’ll try figure out how to put it into Markdown for here.

Edit: Okay, so I’ve replaced the HTML table in my original post with an image version which works well on mobile devices (the old one was too wide and couldn’t be moved). I can’t edit the original forum post though, so you’ll still have to read the main site version.


It’s looking fine for me. Thanks for the article!

I’m definitely going to get the Walking Dead.


I have not spent much time on the Epic Games store at all!!! Just open it to get the free game and close it again. Just me?


Definitely not just you. At the moment there’s nothing there to warrant a buy from me. None of their released exclusives hold any interest for me. I’m waiting for the Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Satisfactory releases - they’ll be my first real money purchases from Epic. Just hoping that regional pricing works for them.

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I have not even really bothered to browse and see what they have on offer

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Meanwhile Nintendo is increasing the prices of the local eShop. Apparently its a result of our store being cheaper than others and foreigners have abused this.


At the moment they don’t seem have much in terms of rpg gaming, at least not that I haven’t already gotten from gog & steam so for now I have only grabbed the free games.

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Looks good, but you misspelled Shadow Complex. :smile:

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No idea what you’re on about…:man_shrugging:t2:

( :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads-up!)

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I’m sure most have heard by now that Deep Silver dropped a “kthxbye” note into Valve/Steam’s in box yesterday to tell them that they were moving PC sales for the upcoming Metro Exodus exclusively over to the Epic Games Store for a year. Not the first time it’s happened of course (ref Ubisoft and The Division 2 from earlier this year). What was a bit jarring though was that this move comes just 2 weeks before the game launches, and Steam (and other retailers) have been actively selling Metro Exodus pre-orders for a while now.

The good or bad, right or wrong, of the decision is possibly a topic for another thread though. I’m focused on simply keeping an eye on the state of Epic Store’s regional pricing. And in the case of Metro Exodus it’s sadly not good news. (Despite having had the game on my Steam Wishlist since June 2017, I am honestly not sure what it was priced at for us on there. If anyone did happen to pre-order it on Steam, please could you confirm what you were charged for it.)

Much like the Division 2 pricing, it doesn’t look like we’ll get any benefit from regional pricing on the Epic Store for Metro Exodus. In fact, we’ll be paying more than our US counterparts as Deep Silver announced a $10 price drop for the game on Epic Store, but then only made that drop available to US customers. :man_shrugging:

Here’s the comparative pricing - Standard and Gold Editions - and the Rand equivalents n the various regions I’m watching:

South Africa = R817 & R1157

United States = R681& R1021

United Kingdom = R896 & R1255

Germany = R934 & R1324

Exodus is R95 cheaper on CDKeys as of this post.

Also, i might be wrong. But on the Uplay store the Division is € 59,99 and they mention you can get 20% discount when using 100 u-coin (whatever that’s called). So that’s ± R750?

I could be completely wrong and please point that out if i am… it’s late in the afternoon and my brain stopped working a while back.

So personally, i’m staying away from the Epic Store for now

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Correct on both, there’s nothing wrong with your brain. Although I guess not everyone will have access to UbiClub Units to take advantage of that discount.

That is true. Not many will have access to those points. However, if you’ve played any ubisoft games in the last few years you should have more than a 100, i think.

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On the subject of Ubi Club Points, as a general FYI to everyone:

Beginning April 1, 2019, Club Units you earn as a Ubisoft player, either through your gaming experience or through purchases on the Ubisoft Store, will expire 2 years from the date of acquisition.

You have up to March 31, 2019 to spend the Units you acquired before March 31, 2017.

From April 1, 2019 on the last day of each month any unreedemed Units that are more than 2 years old will expire.

The Club has over 700 different Rewards for you to choose from. In addition, during the transition period, NEW Rewards will regularly become redeemable with Club Units. So stay tuned!

Don’t forget, you can still redeem 100 Club Units to get 20% off your next purchase on the Ubisoft Store.

I have a couple that will expire end-March, so might need to go look for some Far Cry or Ghost Recon cosmetics soon.

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my store still shows everything in $…

I think Exodus had been priced at R799.00 on Steam.

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They don’t support local currencies yet, only regional pricing.

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