Rennsport - The Way Its Meant to be Driven

Rennsport is a new sim racing game being made by “racing enthusiasts”. Off the cuff it seems like just another GT3 category racing game. There are a few things setting this game apart from other sim racing titles, though.

  • a brand new studio is behind this
  • it has it’s own custom handling engine
  • runs on Unreal Engine 5!
  • will come out of the box with online ranked races
  • full ESL e-sport support
  • full mod support with mod creators allowed to SELL their mods through the market place

A few small niggles so far for me is the lack of triple screen support (“we are working on it”) and that it is way too early to really get too excited. The idea of a fully mod-able racing game with graphics and handling on par with ACC gets me excited though.

Find out more at their website:

The devs had a recent summit in Muich and all the usual Youtubers attended and gave their opinions:

Chris Haye

Mike from SimRacing604


Some raw footage from the recent event:

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If you signed up for the beta in 2022 you should be getting an invite. But it might be done in stages.

Kudos for the Strongbad reference!

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This start of this one:


If you’re looking for Trogdor, I can tell you the URL is permanently burned into my brain

Seems they moved it to It’s dot cooommmmm.

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