Repeated game deaths

What game do you think you’ve died in the most. And did you still have fun in the game?

For single player I’d have to say Super Meat Boy, and yes getting through the level even after so many deaths was satisfying.

For multiplayer it would have to be Battlefield Bad Company 2 just by the virtue of playing it for so many hours. It was definitely fun.

I will not speak of this atrocious thing. . . . .

(aka all games I die A LOT)

So then you should be able to provide us with a nice long post… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Single player Half-Life 1

Multiplayer: Call of Duty 2

NOPE I will not admit to it

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MP: Any Battlefield game
SP: Cuphead / The Messenger

… and YES! love those games

Dark Souls

I was wondering how people can mention any other games when From Software’s games (and others influenced by it) embody the phrase “YOU DIED!”.

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Forgot Hotline Miami and roguelikes such as Dead Cells.

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FTL. I hate that game so much.


I remember VVVVVVVVV counted all your deaths… there were many

I played Bloodborne and kept dying. I don’t find that level of trial and error by death entertaining in the slightest so I never bothered to play it again.

More like Bloodbored.

Thank you.

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FTL. I hate/love that game so much.

Still have not beaten the boss after so many attempts.


Like never never?

I succeeded only once in the almost 50 hours that I played the game.

I got very close once and then it all went downhill.