Resident Evil 7

I’m surprised that there isn’t a topic for Resident Evil 7.

Now that it’s on Game Pass, I’m finally playing it. It’s so much more different than the previous Resident Evil games. It’s almost got an Outlast feel to it.

It’s also a lot more stressful! I’m enjoying it so far. Even though I play in short bursts.

Have any of you played it?

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One of the best (and only) horror games I’ve ever finished. Absolutely loved it and I usually can’t stand horror games. It is very intense though, I also had to play in short bursts to avoid a heart attack.

I wanted to replay it on game pass but the windows store version has as issue where if you look down or up with a mouse it brings up the window borders (even in fullscreen mode) and that kills immersion completely.

I’m actually playing Resident Evil 3 (remake) at the moment and while it’s very different I’m also enjoying it.

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I’m a big fan of the OG RE’s back on PS1. If you’re liking RE3 Remake, I would recommend 2 remake as well. It’s probably my favourite game from last year.
I don’t touch anything after RE4 though.


I actually never really liked the series because of the way the camera and controls work. The only reason I played RE7 was because a friend told me to and that same friend told me to try out RE3. I did actually play a couple of hours of RE2 remake as well but then something else came out and I just left it.

I am considering going back to it again after I get through RE3 .

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