Restoring "Balls of Steel" titles and old avatars

This question comes up from time-to-time:

Due to various shenanigans by @Wyvern and myself (I think we’re hilarious), #balls-of-steel custom titles have been overridden.

I’ve been meaning to restore them, but I want to do it properly this time — using the Discourse Awards system so that if your title is ever overridden in future you can always switch it back the way you like.

I’ll try to make work of this today. The Wi-Fi at the hotel we’re staying at is a little rubbish, so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.

Another question that’s come up is people wanting their old avatars back. It seems that several folks (a) don’t keep local copies of their avatars (I use the same avatar on multiple services, so this has never been an issue for me); and (b) don’t like Invader Zim or Dave Grohl for some reason :wink:

If you would like your old avatar restored, please like this post and vote in this poll (the liking is if you come upon this post a few weeks down the line — I won’t be returning to check the poll unless I get a notification of some kind on this topic):

  • I would like my old avatar recovered
  • I do not need help with my avatar at this time

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I can highly recommend using Gravatar. I use it at a couple of sites and it’s magical. I use it here at MEW too.


Also have the Gravatar thing here. Don’t know how but it works well for easy recovery.

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I don’t now how to load mine as a gravatar

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I have a folder on my PC that says “pics”


I like Wrex, but Grohl is better.


Community-created #balls-of-steel titles have been restored, as best I could piece together from old posts. Or at least, everyone’s been given the ability to switch back to their custom title.

If your request for a custom title did not have the #balls-of-steel tag, I will have missed it. If your title has not been restored, please point me at your #balls-of-steel topic, and I will get on that, pronto!

While going through the old #balls-of-steel posts, I noticed a few where people got nominations together and everything, but didn’t proceed with a poll and there was no other indication of which title won.

I found “incomplete” #balls-of-steel topics for: @wenzdayz, @Sweepslag, and @Talentloos. Please let me know what the outcome was of your nominations and voting?


Woohoo. Thank you. I missed my title


Nope im good thanks @SIGSTART

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