RFC [Poll]: Separate topics for forthcoming deals (so they can be tracked in the calendar)

Continuing the discussion from Limited-time Free Steam/Origin/Epic/etc. Games:

Yep. Rather than attaching a date to the original topic, maybe it should just be split off into its own topic?

We won’t be able to track multiple deal dates through a single topic, unfortunately.

Deals can always be collapsed into a single topic after they have happened, but that might erase the date from the calendar. So maybe we should create individual topics for forthcoming deals and just leave them up.

If it becomes unwieldy, we can always revise this policy.

This also strays into the realm of advertising and I’d much rather have Epic, the dev, or the publisher pay for the privilege of being in our calendar (a man can dream), but on the other hand we’re a community trying to help one another out and ideally I wouldn’t want commercial concerns to override utility.

Note to self: the next step is to integrate the forum calendar with something like Google Calendar so everything we add to the calendar automagically gets pushed to our devices.

  • Create a new topic for each forthcoming deal / freebie so that they can be tracked in the calendar. When the deal expires, merge the individual topic into the relevant big threads we have for deals (lose calendar tracking after the deal expires).
  • Create a new topic for each forthcoming deal / freebie so that they can be tracked in the calendar. When the deal expires, just leave its topic alone (full calendar tracking, more individual topics).
  • No calendar tracking: Keep forthcoming deals / freebies in the existing topic without calendar tracking.
  • Other (Give your suggestion in a comment below)

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Poll closes in three days and we have a tie at the moment.

Bumping for greater visibility.

EDIT: Actually I think I’ll change my vote to new topics and leave them alone.

Although, If we happen to have an “officialthreadtopic” for a game can’t we merge it into there? Then you sort of have this history of how things unfolded here. Was there some activity at launch and then more activity once the game went on special/epic giveaway?


I like that idea. I’ve changed my vote as well to merging individual forthcoming deal topics into a big thread.

There are currently more people voting for some kind of forthcoming deal calendar tracking than not, so if the current proportion of votes stays the way it is then we’ll implement that part and have another vote on what to do with the individual deal topics afterward.

I.e. Everyone: Don’t worry about “wasting your vote” on the Other option, or by switching to the “merge” option. I’ll try to be smart about tallying the votes at the end.


Im really game for the merging of topics to either an existing thread about a game or into a big thread of all the deals. I Am more than willing to offer my services to do that.