Ryzen CPU with VEGA Graphics Onboard

Watched this Linus video. It looks like the next generation of Ryzen CPUs have VEGA graphics onboard. Now while these are not super powerful I’m sure it does have some cool uses. Plus there is room for future versions to be even better. It knocks the Intel integrated graphics options hard.

Integrated graphics has saved my butt a few times when something went wrong with my gpu. So I always when upgrading check to see that MB has Integrated graphics.

Glad to they still try to take on intel/nvidia.

I just wish Motherboard Partners made some A-series ITX boards for Ryzen. I know Gigabyte and Biostar have ITX variants, but have not seen the Gigabyte ones locally, and Biostars in a X-series.

Paired with a ITX board these new APU’s would make amazing light gaming and HTPC systems.

I’ve read several reviews now, and these chips look like a real win. The only thing that could potentially harm their value proposition is the insane RAM prices, since you need fast memory to get the bast out of Raven Ridge.

It looking good, still early days Jayztwocents also did a video but had some tech issues, sure it will all get ironed out with updates.