Satisfactory: Construct, Automate, Explore & Exploit

Imagine Factorio, Subnautica, and Space Engineers somehow merged and blended their digital DNA. Now try to visualize the hybrid game that would emerge once the blender is switched off. I’m going to suggest that what you’re seeing in your mind’s eye right now is pretty close to what developer Coffee Stain Studios hopes for their soon to be in Early Access new title Satisfactory.

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Sounds awesome. Did I read that correctly though, Epic Games store only?

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Yip, 12 month exclusivity deal on the EGS.

Not sure when they count the start of the period from though - from when they signed the agreement; or from now when they release the Early Access version; or from when they start selling the final release version.

Sadly I only got a very limited amount of time to try out the game but from what I’ve seen of the gameplay in other videos it’s really shaping up nicely.

If anything, I want to play it just to build a space elevator and experience this animation in game:

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Watching the yogscast play it, all i can think is factorio 3D. Problem is, there are A LOT of games that have had this same style and gameplay that all just eventually died out without ever even coming out of beta.

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I’m really enjoying this game a lot and I’m very glad I got it. I see a lot of people are comparing it to Factorio, which is fair in a way, but for me it feels like more like Subnautica with a bit of Factorio thrown in, and without all the water.

The one thing that keeps amazing me is the scale of everything. It may not be obvious from the video posted above, but that space elevator is about 50m wide and as far as I can tell you can see the elevator part of it on the entire map.


Glad you’re enjoying it!

A few friends have got it so it’s calling to me (the R150 price tag on Steam helps!) but I don’t think I have the time to sink into it at the moment. Some of the factories that people have produced are amazing to behold


Let this be a bit of a necro.

I’ve been playing the ever-living crap out of this game. It’s been a revelation to me, and wow, it is so much fun. Here are some screenshots from what I’ve been building the last few weeks:


Nice. I took way too long to realize the benefit of foundations so most of my factories are just all over the place and very unorganized. I pretty much just played until I unlocked tier 7 and 8 and I haven’t researched any of their stuff yet, I may get back into it when they release some more updates.


I haven’t unlocked Tier 7 yet, still busy working one the 3rd phase of the Space Elevator. Even though I have a relatively large base with a lot of resources, I’ve calculated it’s still going to take me a fair few hours to unlock that. But at the moment I’m in no rush, as I want to now start exploring the map and go build a MEGA base in the desert.


I went to the desert once, but it was so far away from my base it nearly killed me trying to get back. Right now I’m kind of hoping they add some new variety to the different areas, because at the moment it doesn’t feel like it’s worth exploring except for exploration’s sake. The resources and fauna in the all the biomes are pretty much exactly the same. I would have loved to discover new animals when going to a new area.

By the way have you discovered the awesomeness that is the hyper tube cannon?


What I want to get from exploration is the pure resource nodes, and more concentrated late game resources. At the moment things like Bauxite, Quartz and Caterium is rather far away from all my factories, so want to create something in the north that is closer to these resources. Also getting as many hard drives as possible. Some of the alternative recipes are great to create very large amount of resources from not all that many products. They seem to add to the overall efficiency and improvement of my base. And then there is the issue of Oil. At the moment the closest oil I have is about 2km away from my main area, and only provides 720 resources per minute. In the north there is an oil field that yields over 3000 resources per minute, so want to build a massive oil refinery there. And put the trains to good use then transporting all the good around.

I have indeed discovered the awesomesness of the hyper tube cannon! I saw a Youtuber build a crazy contraption our of those hyper tubes, and I had to try it.