Satisfying Gunplay in a Shooter

The other day I was playing online with some friends and they decided to have a few rounds of Killing Floor 2. I hadn’t played it in a long while and so when we started playing I was reminded of just how good the guns feel in the game. It just feels great to shoot stuff in the game (which is a good thing since that is mostly what you are doing). I recall an article about how much effort Tripwire put into making the guns so satisfying to use in the game, using more than double the amount of frames usually used for animating the weapons. It certainly was worth it because the gunplay stands head and shoulders above many other shooters.

What other FPS games, in your opinion, have great and satisfying gunplay?

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Playing Killing floor and then when the forums recommended playing destiny and I did but the gun play just felt wrong and of could not play it for long.

The other game was Wolfenstein and Bulletstorm that had excellent gunplay.

Unreal Tournament 2004

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I really like the gunplay in the latest Wolfenstein games. Oh I see @crzwaco already mentioned it.

This thread can end now, because no game has better gunplay than Destiny and Destiny 2. The guys at Bungie have a heritage of great gunplay from the Halo days. Hell, even Bethesda got them in as consultants on Fallout 4 to make the gunplay fell more satisfying.


Now that you mention it, I did enjoy Destiny 2’s gunplay.

I enjoyed UT2004’s announcements - it made the gunplay so much more satisfying:

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I am enjoying the guns in Half Life 2, especially the pistol. It just feels right


I have to agree Destiny 2’s gunplay is awesome and add in Warframe!

Borderlands 2, Division 2 (The beta) is 2 honorable mentions as well.

Unless they changed the gunplay in The Division 2 considerably, I’m not sure sure I would classify the game’s gunplay as satisfying. I’m eventually progressing in the first game’s campaign and reached level 27 yesterday. It’s one of the few games that’s made me rage quit in frustration due to the inability to efficiently solo the campaign. If you’re not at least 4-5 levels above the current recommended activity, you know you’re in for an insanely difficult time. So on topic of the gunplay, the guns feel incredibly weak at their “appropriate” level and the enemies can swarm and 2-shot you with ease.

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The one aspect of good gunplay that I prefer is lethality. If you emptying magazines into an enemy and it’s not dying then its not particularly satisfying to me.

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That is why I like Div2 - the fact that I got headshots and it only took one bullet to kill a mob instead of a clip like in Div 1 - we got level 18 last night in Div 1

I will save up for Div 2 tho - wont get it at release but definitely will get it.

The look I probably had while watcing resident evil where they would emty clip after clip on a zombie and it would not stay down, I was like how is that fun? If I shoot something it needs to go down without having to use my whole clip on one bad guy.


Great gunplay:

Borderlands 2
Crysis series
Every Battlefield game

FEAR takes top spot for me, shotgun a whole squad to pieces in slo-mo see them ragdoll with bits of concrete flying everywhere :smiley:


I totally agree, like how a 9mm does nothing compared to an AR.
Let me shoot you with both and see which one does less damage.
They have different applications, but both do a similar job.

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The gunplay in Destiny 2 is unbeatable. The only game that came close to it for me was Titanfall 2

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PUBG still has a pretty good feel for me, they have enough punch in the visual and aural categories, and just feels RIGHT!

The only time the feel off is when the net code desyncs too much for us down here and your shots miss all over the place due to lag… But those are not the guns’ fault!

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I could add some of the guns in Apex Legends to the list - the Peacekeeper shotgun is powerful and a lot of fun to shoot.

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So glad @bradbear117 mentioned BLACK. Might be the most satisfying use of guns in any game.

Also good nominations for any games made by Bungie. They are extremely good at making a great feeling FPS game. Both Destiny and Halo are right up there in terms of gunplay.

I would also add Quake, DOOM and COD.


DOOM (2016) really satisfying to fire guns in that game