Is anyone else on here also playing SCUM?

It is still in EA, and people need to keep that in mind when purchasing it. So there will be a few bugs and many things that still need to be improved and content that will be entered into the game at a later stage.
But once you accept all of the mentioned above, then you are going to have a great time.

The game is great with tons of potential to be even better. The environment is stunning, with lush forests, grasslands and all kinds of different terrains. Once you get out of your orange prison uniform, camouflaging becomes essential in the game and boy does this game allow you to camouflage well with the thick vegetation.

Creepy zombies and all kinds of animals roam the wild, so hearing creepy sounds in a dark forest is regular occurrence in this game.

This is game tough though and not for the lazy and faint-hearted. Working hard to craft your tools to allow you to kill, chop up and cook zombies. And then once you had some Zombie steak and beer, you need to make sure that you bladder and stomach do not get too full… and if they are full then it is time to find a little bush close by.

Grouping up with friends is definitely the way to play this game, as looting military bases for guns, ammo and rations can be very tough.

Hope to see more of you out there killing it!


I’ve read a description of this game as I’ve heard it mentioned a few times now.

What type of game is it exactly? I understand it has a very indepth crafting/survival element but also competing to be first off the island. Is it more battle royale or is it more a persistant crafting/survival game?

It is PUBG meets DayZ I would say.
The combat is very tactical, so you can’t just run and gun.

It is almost a Hunger Games kind of vibe.
The story behind it is prisoners getting dropped in this place and then it gets show on a TV program. So the aim is to get as many fame points as possible and get a ranking.

There are also events that take place in certain zones which give you more fame points.

I like the concept. Not my kinda game to play but something I’d watch on Twitch.

How long does a game last?

For my liking it is wayyy to slow to watch on Twitch.
It is not rounds, or a quick game. Hence the survival part of the game.
As far as I know there might be seasons, but no idea how long each season will be.

You have to build a temporary shelter (used as a spawn point), and a crate to store your loot in.

So its more long term DayZ style game with battle royale style pvp combat than a slow PUBG with additional crafting/survival elements?

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Exactly that!!

Will try post some in game screenshots and stuff

Is it a bit like Dead Island? That had Zombies, crafting, weapon decay, teaming up with people, etc…

Never played Dead Island so not sure. but Zombies are not the main focus of the game really. They do not over run the place


So far it is just me and a bud. And we def need more people to join!
There are groups of like 10 guys working together, makes it very tough for all the smaller groups

I have two friends who play it all the time and are trying to get me to join but I have teaming up issues.


can go at it lonewolf as well. I did it like that for most of the time I have played. Just makes it tough though

This was from my bud perspective.
I took a poop, and pooped out a whole apple. Ate it, and then threw up on him :confused:

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Sounding more like a Friday night bender simulation game now

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wtf do you do on Friday nights? O_o

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For those not aware yet. We have Official Local servers for this game now. Woop Woop


Started playing a bit again after the big recent update.
Game is still so damn cool. So much new content

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