Second Hand Tech [The Buy My Stuff Thread]



just over a year ago ram was dirt cheap when i upgraded my rig to 24gigs everyone said i was crazy and that is overkill, now alot of my friends are in the same boat as you, 2 of them are miserable since forza horizon 3 constantly crashes on them during gameplay due to lack of ram.


8GB should still be fine in most cases, but yeah newer games are pushing the envelope.

I have 16GB at the moment and my usage has gone up to 9GB (Total) when playing some games.

Do you currently have 2 x 4GB sticks?


4x 2gb :pensive:

so I need to replace ALL my ram


keep 2 of the 2 gigs and run them on one channel and get 2x 8 gigs and run them on the other channel.


ja I’m planning to get 2x 8bg modules, but that’s like R2500 new :frowning:


yip ram prices went up a shitload, i remember the 8gig hyper x module i bought january last year was R749 its now almost R1900 on takealot for the exact same module


ok so i too the plunge and upgraded to an i7 7700

i will be selling my old Asus P8H61-M Mobo with i5 2400 3.1 GHz and 2 x 4Gb Kingston Dddr3 Ram.

im looking for R1000.00 for the whole bundle and i am willing to negotiate on the price.


how much for just the ram? :slight_smile:


just buy everything the ram is worth more than 1k alone to be honest


ja but then what do I do with the mobo and cpu?


donate it or resell it


Malice, the husband wants to check if this ram will add to his pc’s preformance. so if he doesnt want it you can have it for R450. its 1333Mhz Ram by the way


ah, ok nvm then, I’m looking for 1600 ram :stuck_out_tongue:


hahaha ok cool no worries


ok so i am also selling my old pc tower that i have no need for:

Item: Antec pc case with stock 140 mm fans and samsung cd-rom
Warranty: no
Packaging: also no
Condition: good, has a bit of dust on it
Location: Randburg / Morningside
Reason: got a new pretty case
Shipping: uhm no
Collection: yes definately
Price: R400


ok so this is sold, someone form Carbonite wanted it immediately and its going to cape town…


ok so since i got a new keyboard, i kinda have to get rid of my old one.

Anyone interested in a Cyborg V.7 keyboard?
its in perfect working condition, i just wanted something smaller with RGB.

make me an offer. oh and i have no packaging for it so i cant ship it.


Hmm, I’m considering the offer. I’ll have to have a look at the board a bit. My current board is a bit wonky. I’ll have to have a look at the price as well, I don’t know right now what I would offer. Give me until tonight to get more clarity


well make me an offer. i cant charge too much for it as keyboards are not that expensive at the moment.


Okay…I’ll PM you