Setting up my gaming in the new house

So when I designed the new house, I left 25mm conduits everywhere in the walls. Firstly for creating wifi hotspots and then secondly to have a way for me to still game on the big tv in the living room while my PC stays in the office. My office is basically the main hub. The fibre comes directly into my office from the street from where it goes into the router and from my office, I’ve got conduits running to the living room, garage and upstairs passage.

So here is the first exit point from my office to the living room. It is currently being used to provide internet to the media box and for providing picture and sound from my PC to the TV (HDMI to Cat6 converter). Both these work great so far.

The second exit point (I have two in the living room as we weren’t sure where we would want to put the tv), has 3 cat6 cables coming out as well as a 10m usb extension cable. Two of the cat6 cables are being used for the wifi hotspot. This is due to me not knowing exactly how the hotspots will be set up or what tech I’d be using for that when I designed it. That leaves me with just one cat6 cable and the usb extension cable.

The idea was to add the XBox receiver and a wireless mouse and keyboard on those, but the cables doesn’t seem to provide enough power to do that. Any recommendations of how I can boost the power of either the usb extension cable or the cat6 cable or both? For the cat6 cable, I’m using a usb/cat6 converter, so not sure if something like a POE injector would work for that.