Share your PC Builds


My build with and without the lighting, recently changed it to a lighter blue.


What specs?
Looks very nice and clean


Thank you!


CPU - i7 6700
Ram - Kingston Fury 16GB (4x4GB)
GPU - Asus Strix 1080ti
SSD - 512gb m.2
Storage - 4TB (3+1TB drives)
Case - Phanteks P400s
Power supply - Corsair HX650




^5 Pretty much the same as my desktop PC, just with more harddrives.


Mine isnt pretty enough to take pictures of


Quite an old PC by now.



I have already posted my Home PC

so here is my Work PC also


My PC:


@Kwaai I have a Similar Build in the same p400s Chassis just the plain black one, What CPU Cooler is that , Want to drop Ryzen upgrades into mine before end of the year.


I just checked for yours now, it looks great :slight_smile:

That’s the Raijintek Aidos Black Edition 92mm. I’m currently toying with the idea of trading out the CPU and Motherboard for ryzen (Most likely the 1600) as well. From my quick search I can use the same Ram kit without issues. Which CPU and Motherboard are you interested in?


I would wait for new gen Intel Cpu to get released. All other cpus pricing will go down then
But why go from 6700 to Ryzen though?
Won’t really be worth it imho . If you have a Z370 mobo then the new 9th gen will even work on that


Ryzen offers better bang for buck as well as a better experience during streaming. My current board wouldn’t support the newer intel cpus so the change seems worthwhile


For just gaming not really. If you do editing or things like that then maybe sure.


Have you read what I said? Your post comes across as an intel fanboy comment. Do you know of any better bang for buck CPUs than the ryzen hex Cores?


If you are upgrading from a i3 4th gen perhaps then yes. But from a i7 6700 it will not really be worth it.

Not a fan boy at all


Okay all good thanks, I’ll look into it a bit more but I think the extra cores will allow a better experience with streaming.


That changes it up a bit yeah, extra cores will help a bit then . But just wait a bit to see what happens to pricing when 9th gen gets released


There are plenty of good review sites with lots of comparisons between competing CPU models. You should pick whatever best fits your budget and your use case.


@Kwaai Going to get the Ryzen 2600 with a B450 Board most likely the MSI tomahawk looking at the VRM’s in general on the different brands its seems solid.

what board are you looking at and what ram do you have exactly ?