Show your tattoos

So i searched for a thread couldnt find one. So im getting my first bit of my sleeve done on the 11th of October. Super excited im getting this done.

Im super excited.


Wow! That looks magnificent. How long is it going to take to do?


Awesome thread, picture overload incoming… :stuck_out_tongue:

Right arm:

Left arm:

BL logo

Right leg:

Left leg:


*A lot of these pictures were taken right after getting the tattoos done so they still look bloody/more colourful than they look now that they are healed.

Hoping to see some more ink from fellow community members. I know @Beo has an awesome one.


Shot for the mention @Wlad

Also, @Tsar, that looks bitchin and gonna look so good when done.

Here is my right arm, of which was supposed to be the start of my full (or half) sleeve. I remember selling my PS3 in order to afford it and had it done on one of the hottest days in KZN in January iirc, and of course the parlours aircon wasn’t working either, took about 3 hours to do.


Seems very Destiny-ish… What’s the significance or meaning?


@Beo tattoo is (a version of) the fire keeper from Dark Souls.


Yeah, want my whole arm to be a reference to Dark Souls but inspired by rather than a direct representation. This was designed by the artist who did the tattoo (a friend of mine) and using the Fire Keeper as a reference.

The significance, meaning or symbolism for me is that the fire keeper tends to the flame and keeps the embers from fading.


I dont have any tattoos, but always love the stories behind their motivation. Why that specific design, story behind it, why that part of the body etc.

What I dont understand is why people hide their tattoos. My sister got a tattoo the day she left the house, but put it just below her belly button so nobody would see it. So why get it at all of you cannot show it off?

Next question, how do you decide on a design that kind of remains relevant through your life? I see kids’ names and birthdays as tattoos, but cant you just use a calendar? And are you scared you will forget their names?

My wife and I considered getting our wedding rings as tattoos as we have no intention of even have it removed… But I think she preferred the diamond so she can sell it when I mess up :rofl: The tattoo would have been cheaper though!


I hid my first tattoo from my mom for almost a year and then one day my brother just up and told her (the skull on my forearm was my first one). At first she didn’t like the idea of my tattoos but now she’s totally cool with it.

Pretty much none of my ink has any deeper/significant meaning other than I love the subject matter. I’ve always loved skulls so my first one was a skull and the rest are mostly just gaming tattoos.

As for designs I just pick something that I think looks cool. My Krieg was drawn by an old work colleague and I just took that to the artist and asked him to do it like that but add colour. I’m not sure if I’ll be a fan of these games for the rest of my life but life’s too short to worry about things like that.

Would love to get more. I have a ton of ideas but nothing that I feel I HAVE to get so I’m not in a rush.


Nice wlad. I remember some of them.

My first tattoo and only one till i get my anubis tattoo.


That reminds me of House Harkonnen or something from Command & Conquer.


I remember this from the Mygaming days!


I have always wanted a tattoo but in my family it is taboo, as much as I want to, I will only do it once the parental units are no longer with us.

And the image I want will be simple, my gaming avatar that I have been using for over 2 0 years. I’ve only recently changed it to this dragon head.
And a quote from firefly!

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It IS something from C&C. That’s the emblem for the Brotherhood of NOD. For Kane!


Thought I recognised it, just wasn’t sure if it was from Dune 2000 or C&C. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah peace through power. Mixture of old and new.

I also don’t have any, but would get if I could find something with enough significance that I won’t get bored with… Waaaaaaay too easy for me to get bored. I’ve considered the Firefly quote thing as well, seeing as it had a major impact in my life. Do you have a specific quote in mind?

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There are a few that I want:

I am to misbehave
I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar
Shiny, lets be bad guys
No power in the verse can stop me
The whole theme song
If you can’t do something smart, do something right
So here is us, on the raggedy edge (I will change that one to - so here I am, on the raggedy edge)
I would also do the ships logo - Serenity, or the ship itself.
The fear of getting bored is one of the main reasons I havent done it yet.

YOLO. If you want it just get it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Easier said than don in this family. It’s honestly not worth the drama