So many updates!


Wow so many updates suddenly. Anyone else get this?


Yeah I got 50 of those. Most were 0 bytes though


Most of these updates are just shared redistributable updates and not real game updates.

.NET, Visual C++ and PhysX libraries if you were wondering


Ah, that makes a lot of sense.


I had over 300 of those. :expressionless:


I have updates for games I didn’t even realise I own/are installed.


Ah, good to know I’m not alone in this.




I had all of 8, 4 of which were more than the zero bytes thing, so proper patches. I clearly don’t have that many Steam games installed as others.

Why do some of you have so many games installed, and set to update automatically? It would drive me nuts.

I mean I know this batch of updates is an exception, but surely having Steam update 5-10 games every time you start it gets frustrating, especially if you haven’t actually touched 2 thirds of those games in a while? And probably won’t in a long while too. Wouldn’t it also be a huge waste of bandwidth as well for people on capped accounts?


10 TB disk space for games, 350mbps uncapped internet connection…I really don’t care…


Gimme! ( I would settle for the 10TB)


Humble bragger!
Jealous, I am.


10TB was a bandaid because downloading in SA was slow and I’m lazy and impatient