So This is Basically RWBY

I’m a huge fan of RWBY and this video savagely, albeit hilariously, tore it to complete shreds. The narrator (IMO) is able to channel a condescending Alan Tudyk (which if you’ve watched Doom Patrol you will know what I am talking about) to really lay into the flaws of RWBY. He even goes one step further and explores his vocal range to really nail a Qrow and Ruby impersonation. I was honestly in stitches by the end that I had to watch it several times over to catch all the jokes. :joy:

The creator, Brendan Blaber aka JelloApocalypse, has STIBs for a variety of other things and I encourage you to see if he has made one for your favourite franchise and if so to share and discuss it below. :arrow_down:


That was an interesting video. I’ve never watched (RWBY sounds like a programming language btw) but I might give it a go. I’d rate that most of the inconsistencies that the creator points out most people don’t actually give a toss about.


K2SO from Rogue One.


I can see where the confusion may come from. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

No, they don’t. :sweat_smile: Like he points out at ±1:30 it’s about the over-the-top fight scenes which is kind of true because I got into the show after watching the Red Trailer and just stuck with it because I thought that was awesome and I wanted to see more of that. The video above, while mocking the show, is actually funniest for people like me who have seen the entire show. :joy:

Cool, if you’re still interested after watching the Red, White, Black & Yellow trailers then you can watch all the volumes as complete videos here. :wink:

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