Some of the weirdest games you've played


What are the weirdest games you’ve had the pleasure (or displeasure) of playing?

The two I’ve tried to play are VVVVVV game and antichamber. I did know what was going on. It was just a crazy experience.


The weirdest game I never played: Genital Jousting…


Shower with your dad simulator 2015


yes i agree !


Shower with your dad was surprisingly fun, and there are easter eggs/hidden progression that the community still havent fully solved yet. quite a meta-game going on there i believe.

Out of Context

If you want something really weird try A Date in the Park. DON’T GOOGLE IT, the search results spoil it completely. It’s free so it’s worth a try.

I don’t want to spoil anything either, but I have to give a NSFW warning.




Weird Dreams on the Amiga was pretty crazy. I actually watched a gameplay video from it a week or two ago. I think it was the long loading times between deaths that stopped me from ever finishing it.


Played it this morning. Interesting experience. Weird indeed.


The weirdest game I’ve every played was:

It’s free, try it.


That accountant thing on VR, the one where the guys from rick and morty are involved


Weird one indeed. Played through it last night. It’s done in under an hour folks, if you need to kill a bit of time. Am going to have to play it again though in order to make my “100% at least one game in my library this year” resolution as I missed 2 achievements somehow. :expressionless:

Going to try @DieGrootHammer’s “static speaks my name” next. Maybe I’ll get 2 100%'s this year still!


And so, did you try out that game @GregRedd? How did you find it?


Nope not yet. Downloaded and installed. On the agenda for later today or tomorrow.


Ah okay, wanted to know if you found it as strange as I did


Doki doki literature club, genital jousting, sims , postal 2


Just saw this on steamgifts



“Strange” is probably not strong enough. :confused: