Something different but something we all need:


If you are reading this, you win.

If you are reading this it means you’re here. It means that you’ve made it through the bullshit that life has thrown at you. It means you’re still surviving. It means that you are stronger than every bad thing that has ever tried to take you down.

It means that you are brave. And strong. Stronger than you think.

It means that you are broken. Because you can’t get through it all without being touched by challenges you’ve fought through, and are still fighting through. But broken is okay. As Leonard Cohen said, the cracks, after all, are how the light gets in.

If you are reading this it means that you have touched people. That you have helped others in so many ways. In reading this you remind me that my words are important…that my struggle is worth it. You make differences every day without even knowing it.

If you are reading this you probably feel guilty. You have screwed up. You regret. That’s okay. That’s how you grow. That’s how you learn. If you have regrets it means that you care, and that same empathy and introspection are what make you compassionate and kind.

If you are reading this I love you. Even if I haven’t met you yet. Even if we never meet. There aren’t enough of us out there in the world…the misfits and the weirdos. Stick around. Be my friend. And I will be yours. Forever, if you are reading this.