Sony to shut down their official PlayStation Forums

Thanks to a more attentive forumite in linking me to this, it seems as though Sony is shutting down their official forums.

How does this make some of you feel?

I mean I think it’s a bold move, considering it is forums that have pretty much been alive since the dawn of time. To just shut them down is a monumental move despite having such a wide audience, never-mind the community.

Personally I am not one to embrace the means of social media as a medium and despise Facebook. To me, something like forums not only drives a community but also connects people, to games and each other. Do you have a dedicated community or following when you just throw caution to the wind and put everyone in the general masses, everything becomes diluted and generic.

Interesting move…


I have to say the forums of all devs have been more useful than trying to reach them on other social media

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I have a bias here dating back to the early days of Steam (i.e. the launch of Half-Life 2 in 2004), but…

It is a mistake to give away control of the platform you use to interact with your customers to a third party. If you place yourself at the mercy of social media platforms, don’t be surprised if they “monetise the opportunity”.

That said… maybe Sony has just decided to hang out on Reddit and NeoGAF all day.

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