South African Parliament agrees to consider Constitutional amendment for land expropriation without compensation



I’m sure they can allocate 10m x 10m space for you somewhere in the Karoo.

Which by the way is the approximate size of land that each South African would get if every South African would get land excluding areas required for commerce.


I don’t want to be one of “those” people but over the last few years maybe because i’m getting older; more pissed off about my wasted tax and the price of living I feel like I want to just run away as well.

My biggest concern is that this will cause a a further hit to the already staggered economy, and if they do actualy start appropriating land its going to potentially wreck food production and in turn yet again the economy, i’m sure there is plenty of potentiality unused and uncultivated land they could buy or take the question is will they.

Also if they are going to give land back to the original inhabitants can they please give half of it back to the San & the Khoi since they have been completely marginalized, almost erased and originally inhabited half of South Africa.


So, I don’t own any property or land. Can I get a piece of that free real estate as well?


Excluded because of “white privilege”, sorry


So I’m concerned since I actually own a piece of land in Mpumalanga. It isn’t very big (less than 7ha) of which I’m using less than 2 since there isn’t enough water or electricity to really develop it further. Up to a month of two ago I wasn’t really concerned as the message was that they’re only taking land that is “not-in-use” and mostly going after larger pieces of land.

That’s until they announced some of the land they already have in their crosshairs which includes one here in GP which is about the size of mine. Then there was that “leaked Afriforum farm-list” that my plot was kind-of on.
That combined with the fact that the majority of my plot is “not-in-use” does scare me a bit. Even if they do take the portion that is not in use, it will render my whole property worthless. The rather large informal settlement has popped up about 5km from there is also not very reassuring.

That said, I do like the current president a lot but I suppose it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have an exit plan for the next 10 years because who knows which corrupt wacko will take over from him. I just have no idea where to. I don’t care much for Europe (too cold in winter), not doing Aus/NZ and the US is full of Americans and while I could probably handle them, their immigration policies will only be getting tighter now.


that’s racist!.. What if I don’t identify as being white?


Red beret is in the mail, I’d suggest Llandudno as it’s by the beach


Not a lot of vacant land there though. Will probably have better luck in Noordhoek or even here in Blouberg


The lot in Hermanus don’t seem to care. What about that dude who went there to expropriate the land, sea, air, fish and shops who had his “architects” with him to scout out the area?


I live in farm country and so far the farmers here have not given any indication of panic. I have known these people for 23 years and they are still rock solid.

Hopefully they know something I don’t . :wink:


Playing devil’s advocate here, but maybe it’s time for a civil war. Maybe that will be the thing that finally gets the rot out.


careful, that hypothetical call to arms is now possibly considered illegal


Also, I know its not intended seriously, but I’ve spoken to a lot of old soldiers…

War is just bad*. Assuming that the good people will survive and that the evil will die is naive.

Economists also agree — war is just bad for a country. Civil war doubly so.

All we’ll end up with is a wrecked economy and a junta. Then you have to pray that the junta will be willing to relinquish power peacefully to a democracy.

* World War 2 is the exception, in some respects. Germany brought war to the world. There was no staying out of it, as the US learned.


“War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

Again, speaking hypothetically, what you can expect as a result of Civil war (from a purely economic standpoint) :

  • High inflation, even Hyperinflation. Similar to what Zimbabwe saw a couple of years ago.
  • Public sector/National Debt will increase drastically. Currently SA’s Debt to GDP is around 54%, this could be 200% for periods during or after an armed conflict
  • the cost of war in Africa has been equal to the amount of international aid. A country like the “Democratic Republic of Congo” has experienced a particularly difficult war, which besides causing the deaths of about 4 million people, has cost it £9bn, or 29% of its gross domestic product.
  • Unemployment will surge even further.


Not to mention the destruction of vital infrastructure


The other alternative, of course, is China calls in its debt and SA becomes a Chinese colony :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They (the Chinese) have nothing to gain from that. What is more likely; Once natural resources start running dry they’ll want their “loans” repaid and then they’ll leave.


Quoted for truth.
-an old soldier-


Some would argue thats already happening.


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