South African Parliament agrees to consider Constitutional amendment for land expropriation without compensation



They would be the naive-types I was referring to before who had clearly not read any history or watched a single documentary about war.

Potholes in the roads and an ailing electricity grid is one thing. Having cities levelled, people maimed or killed, and a tear through the fabric of society is not even remotely the same thing as the cost of corruption we’re seeing now.

It’ll take us years to recover from Zuma. It would take decades to recover from a war.

Here’s a reality check:


While we’re on Syria


Just for some perspective… there is also occasionally good news…

South Africa emerged from its first recession in almost a decade in the third quarter as recoveries in manufacturing and agriculture contributed to an increase in economic growth.

Gross domestic product rose by an annualized 2.2 percent in the three months through September compared with a revised 0.4 percent contraction in the prior quarter


Or even

Third consecutive month.


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What vile, sacrilegious, evil suggestion is this?


This was interesting,