South Africanise a game

How many game can we South Africanise? Adding some element of South African to a game.

Pot holes in Need for Speed would be interesting.


GTA is pretty much SA in a nutshell…


Loadshedding in games could be interesting


Agree on the Grand Theft idea - that’s a no-brainier. GTA: Joburg, GTA: Mzansi, GTA: Slaapstad.

Load shedding as a “disaster” in Cities: Skylines :laughing:

Also, how about a SA Minibus Taxi Driver mod for one of the driving simulator games?

On that subject - Side of the Road Taxi Repair Simulator.

A Kruger National Park game ranger/tracker expansion for theHunter where you track animals from the jump seat on the front of a Landrover while a bunch of tourists take pictures of everything. Everything. The only things you actually get to shoot are poachers.

I would love to see Kyalami as a circuit in an official F1 game in the not too distant future.


The Sims 4:

Add a new content pack called Braai Day. It includes different braais that can be added to the back yard, a new party type called a braai, which has a different timetable, one where your guests arrive and eat chips and dip, biltong and droewors, the fire takes awhile to get going before you can cook, but people drink too much, so the braai dies like 3 times before you ACTUALLY get the food on the braai, and by the time the Sim cooking has finished, most guests have passed out.