Splitgate (Arena Based PVP Shooter)

I’ve been hearing good things about Splitgate a “PVP Portal Shooter”.

The gameplay is described as Halo meets Portal and it certainly has that great twitch/arena shooter feel. I gave it a go and I’m finding it to be a lot of fun. The fast paced arena shooting feels good and the inclusion of portals adds that extra strategic layer to engagements (when you remember to use them).

It is free to play - on PC/Xbox/PS and is cross platform. The console guys don’t seem to be disadvantaged as they do just as well on the scoreboard.

@MetalSoup this is right up your alley, if you haven’t already tried it out.


Been around for a while now but had a massive surge since it’s console release it seems. I never played Halo so can’t compare. Call me when there’s a Lawbreakers lookalike.

Did anyone else try the original Prey MP? That was an arena shooter with portals too, though not as extensive as this, it seems.

Is the ping and matchmaking good? I should give this a try.

I played a fair bit of Prey MP at lans in the past. While those portals were fixed in specific locations in Splitgate you can create and place portals.

It’s very playable in terms of ping. Only time I feel at a slight disadvantage is with melee attacks. There is a casual mode to begin with and once you’ve levelled up a bit you can play ranked. I managed to place in Platinum for ranked and the matches have been balanced and tight.

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