Stan Lee has passed away


Rest in peace.


Very sad, but a life well lived and a legacy that will live on in his place. RIP Stan Lee

This is how I choose to remember him:


Rest in peace.

Let the chaos ensue.


RIP old man.


Oh man, I will admit I never read any marvel comics, but I did enjoy the animations and cameos that stemmed from them, oh and some of the movies were good to :stuck_out_tongue:

I do hope he rests in peace now, living till the age of 95 is quite the achievement, and I am sure he deserves some rest now.


My literal reaction to reading the title was: “Ohhhh… :neutral_face:

Rest In Peace.

He’ll have a long-standing cameo in the afterlife. :smile:


I believe he recorded quite a few cameo’s for marvel flicks that were still upcoming (he HATED flying and was old, so they shot a bunch of “generic” cameos at once) so we havent seen the last of him :slight_smile:


Rest in Peace. Very sad day


They could always CGI him in like they did with young Leah and Tarkin in Star Wars


That was technically incredible, while at the same time being hellishly creepy. I hope it doesn’t become a regular thing, to be honest.


Someone made a typo.





How, like seriously i am looking at my keyboard and i want to know how this type of magic can happen