Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft | 30 August 2024 | PC XBXS PS5

Experience the first-ever open world Star Wars game and explore distinct locations across the galaxy, both iconic and new. Risk it all as scoundrel Kay Vess, seeking freedom and the means to start a new life. Fight, steal, and outwit your way through the galaxy’s crime syndicates as you join the galaxy’s most wanted. If you’re willing to take the risk, the galaxy is full of opportunity.

Coming August 30th, 2024. Play up to 3 days early with Gold or Ultimate edition, which includes the base game and season pass.

Pre-order now and receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack including cosmetics for your speeder and The Trailblazer starship!*

With the pre-order bonus, receive the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack* including:

  • A cosmetic pack for your speeder.
  • A cosmetic for your starship, The Trailblazer.

Euro only through the Ubisoft Store:

Randela’s on the Epic Game Store if you prefer:

Yeah, thanks for that Ubi.


Those are PC prices. But the pricing and “Season Pass” stuff is even raising eyebrows amongst console gamers too:

While it looks very good, I’m disheartened by the possibility that I’ll end up being as disappointed as I was with Skull & Bones. Ubisoft can suck an egg.

The trailer doesn’t seem ready for the release :sweat_smile: unless its all made with in game cutscenes.
but we hope on… otherwise seems like it could be fun. As usual though, I wait for sale while slooooowly shrinking my backlog.

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Will do the usual, rent it for a month and finish it.

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Sadly only Ubisoft connect or epic option so thats a pass unless there is a steam option down the road.