Stardew Valley Multiplayer Update

So the long awaited update for the multiplayer is hopefully going to be ready "in about a month". That is according to Eric Barone, the creator of the game.

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Since when is the Switch not a console?

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They are considering switch seperate obviously :stuck_out_tongue: Aka more sales on switch than other consoles

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Awesome news!! Can’t wait for the next update and multiplayer.

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we gonna farm together hammer?


Me too? Pretty please?


I assume you want to farm together on Switch then? If so, then yes we are going to farm together

And luckily for you, the PC will get the update first, so then we can farm together on PC


I own it everywhere.

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Then you can farm on pc with us!

yeah i prefer the pc version because of the mouse.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I can finally leave the fishing for someone else!

Get your farm on: Stardew Valley Opt-In Multiplayer Beta now available


I’ll admit it, I schoolboy giggled at this:


@Wyvern @Talentloos

So when are we starting a farm together???

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ha ha. soon man. I am a bit fucked this week and the weekend. So realistically next week I should be good to go.

I agree lets pick a day next week and that will be farm day?

does anyone know how it works? And by that i mean will it be a run on a shared server for instance or will it make use of a host machine where it only gets saved in one place and that person needs to have to game open to be able to play it?

its too early. i dont know if that made any sense

Im not sure, I had a look, it seems one hosts and the rest joins in

aah that sucks