State of Decay 2: Zombie slaying joy or rotting corpse?

The next Xbox and Windows 10 exclusive title of the year is releasing on 22 May. Publications and news outlets around the internet got their hands on some copies, and their reviews are out. So it's time to ask; is State of Decay 2 any good?

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Brutal Kotaku :slight_smile:

I have to agree that the game requires a bit more polish. The party system, for one, is absolutely horrendous.

I liked the first one, i do hope this one is good

I didn’t like the first one that much. I love zombie games but the first one had many faults that turned me off the game. Most of all is that everything felt rushed.

And isn’t it typical of MS to mess up another “exclusive”? I really wish they could get it right.

I’m currently playing Dying Light and enjoying it much more than I did State of Decay.

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So, SoD2 has hit today. I grabbed it, courtesy of GamePass. Very sad that MS are totally bottling their exclusives :frowning: Give the troubled dev timeline for Crackdown 3, i fear that will also be a hot mess.

But fingers crossed, maybe SoD 2 will be decent


How are you guys finding the game?
It sounds right up my alley, survival, building and mowing zombies - but the reviews are not great.
I don’t like looking after people in games, partially why I havent finished operation flashpoint. I couldn’t give two hoots if somebody is depressed in a game, its just pixels and they need to harden up - lol.
I’m on the fence for this one

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I got this game with Game Pass. Installed it overnight. I am planning of playing some of it perhaps tomorrow or tonight, and maybe some co-op with my brother-in-law over the weekend.


I loved the first one. It started out as an Xbox arcade game only which are generally not AAA standard but it’s
timing was spot on in terms of Zombie trend at the time.
I think it sold so well they figured to make it a full release without the extra polish.
Would be a shame to carry that attitude into a second game though.

Id just like to mention though that the best zom game ever is Dying Light.


Right, I played about 3 hours of the game last night, and I have some thoughts about this game.

If you have Game Pass, download this game right now. It’s really a lot of fun actually. I didn’t play the original SoD so have no frame of reference. But I enjoyed the whole resource gathering aspect and building your base mechanic. Also managing the community is surprisingly deep and rather engaging. I’m already starting to form some bonds with my community members.

I’ve only dealt with the basics of the combat mechanics, but they are solid for the most part. Single zombies are real easy to deal with, but infestations and groups of zombies can be very difficult. None of my community members have died yet, but it’s due to me being rather careful.

There are a fair few bugs though, and the game is not all that optimized. But then again it’s nothing game breaking.

Personally I like what I’ve played so far, and will continue to play more of the game. Ignore the haters and get this game.


It’s going for about R400 on takealot, would you recommend it if you had to pay for it?

Hmm, interesting question.

There is no denying the fact that getting the game via Game Pass does skew my perception somewhat. I mean I get all these games and I don’t necessarily have to like them or mind them being buggy because I didn’t pay for them.

I would say, if you were a fan of the original, and need some more in your life, then R400 is not too bad for the game. But do note that the game is built for co-op and online play.

For you I would say wait for a special


So i just started playing it. Jammed for under an hour, did tutorial and unlocked first home base. i don’t get what all the hate is for. sure, it looks a bit rough around the edges. but i’ve really enjoyed what i’ve played thus far. Will have more to say as i get more time under my belt.


The game had a 20GB!! patch put out a day or two ago which hopefully sorts of some of the glitches. I’ve not had any problems myself (although I haven’t really spent too much time with it yet) except some weird clipping issues, but I believe there have been more serious problems with the co-op/multiplayer stuff. Still want to try a little co-op sometime, but first I need to figure out how to stop my very small, very new community from all dying already :expressionless:


Right, I’m about 20 hours in and still going strong in State of Decay 2. I have to admit that I am really starting to like this game a lot.

Let me share some of the stories that’s happened to me.

So, one of my community members, Elchi, he and a girl has got a good relationship going. But she got injured clearing a zombi infestation. Nothing life threatening, she just needed some much needed rest. Elchi doesn’t have all that much stamina, but he is a die hard, like literally, he has a massive amount of life.

So he gets a call over the radio, some enclave needs some help. Perfect for Elchi, because he is competing against Graystone to become the community leader. This would be his chance to shine. Being full of bravado, and trying to prove to his girlfriend he can be a tough guy, he sets out alone to help the enclave. It looks like an easy mission, just go over to the neighbors and talk to them.

The mission is one town over, so it’s a long drive to there. He is fully stocked and ready to go. He goes to the first group of neighbors, and they graciously provide some aid to the enclave. But the second is where the shit hit the fan.

Firstly, the car he was driving ended up being totaled. A massive juggernaut jumped into the road and bashed the living daylights out of the car. Elchi jumped out at the last second and ran for all his life. Luckily the second part of the mission was just around the corner, so he just legged it there.

NOPE!!! The second place was a trap! A hostile enclave set a trap for the enclave he was helping. Three human NPC’s started shooting at Elchi!! Luckily he has a gun, but this was also the part that he got to grips with the games mechanic of guns also getting damaged and stopping working.

So there he was, squaring off against hostile NPC’s, with hordes of zombies converging on the location as more and more gunshots attract them. The situation looked dire for poor Elchi.

With no pain killers left, no bandages left, he ran for all he’s worth. But remember, this is the guy in the community with the least amount of stamina. And with all his injuries, I had lost hope of saving him.

He ran into a nearby garage, hoping to get some respite from all the action and trying to just recover. He was stranded over 2km from home, with no car, no melee weapon, and no gun. He had no pain killers and no bandages. And a horde of zombies with 2 screamers were moving in.

And then I saw it! A vehicle icon, not 2 block away. If I could just make it there, I would be able to flee this horrible situation. With heart pounding loudly, Elchi ran for his life to the car. The zombies gave chase. The screamers brought upon him ALL the zombies in the area. It would be close.

But he made it!! In a last ditched effort, he made it out of that situation, and drove back to home base.

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Im seriously thinking about this game

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I know it’s a HUGE necro ("… last reply to this topic was about 3 years ago…") but not really worth starting a new topic, so…

Update 26: Homecoming went live today, bringing the 5th full map area to the game, and a whole pile of added content, features, and fixes.

The Homecoming update is feature-packed and automatically included for all existing owners of State of Decay 2 and is included with Xbox Game Pass.

I have been playing this on and off for a while and the game has improved a lot. The co-op is still dumb - you only help out a friend, rather than upgrading your own characters.