Stats are seksay

@DieGrootHammer inspired the name of this topic.

In fact, this whole thread should be yours, man, so if you want it let me know and I’ll transfer ownership of the OP.

Anyway… the real reason I wanted a thread like this is because I really enjoy reading articles (and even books) that tell you a story through data.

I’ll get us started:


Oh dear. Me oh my I enjoyed that yes boy!!

I’ll post any stats I get or find on the interwebs here for all to enjoy. Turn this topic into our very own r/dataisbeautiful


Fun fact for the day: 76% of all statistics are made up on the spot.


What a fantastic read. I would be so bold as to suggest that this principle applies not only to tennis, but every single professional sport in the world. The best become successful (i.e. rich), which enables them to become more successful, while the mediocre get worse, and the bad just stay bad. Rugby, cricket, F1, you name it. I actually posted about exactly this topic in the F1 thread.


:owl::owl: I can’t wait!

And perhaps not even only professional sports. Regardless of one’s philosophies on economy and government (capitalism or free market economics, planned or command economics, socialism, monarch, or democracy) — We live on a world where success breeds success.

Hollywood comes to mind as an example. How old are the currenct crop of action stars? Where is the young talent rising to the top? Game of Thrones gave some young actors their first chances at break-out roles, but how old is Jason Momoa now? googles… 39!

And look at how good the older actors still look! Money can clearly buy you a lot of anti-ageing stuff.

The same thing is even happening on YouTube, I’d argue. There are still young celebrities making their names on there, but there are also still plenty of older YouTubers around to set a better example than the Logan Pauls of the world.

And maybe it’s better this way (that the successful and celebrated are getting older)… Craig Ferguson figured it out years ago: