Steam Library and OCD


What does your Steam Library organisation look like? I used to have quite a nice system where I manually categorised all my games, but then my uncategorised folder got too big, so I started using Depressurizer to assist. I lost my categorization, so now I’m only on Depressurizer.

Still need to add my “Favourites”, “Busy with” and “Finished” categories.



Want to sort out mine for me? I started and then gave up


I’ve created a few categories:
Current Games
Current Co-op
Multiplayer Competitive
Time Wasters
Games (all the uncategorised)


Try the app, it’s very simple.
Unfortunately, I still have about 180 games not categorised.

Ah, forgot about this category! Thanks


I basically use favourites as the games I want to be playing now but that list got too long.


I have 400 to organise :stuck_out_tongue: I got lazy


I only have 3 added categories



i have Favourites for what im busy with at the time, 100% complete (for my achievement games), games and “hidden” (all the freebie games i dont care for or will never play go here)


There has to be a way to automate this. I have:

  • Favourites
  • Really want to play
  • Wont ever play


I was quite diligent in categorizing, but at some point Steam decided to scrap it and revert back to one big list. So I stopped doing that and now only use the “Recent” or “Installed” views.


Ok so I used the app how do I make it save the changes in my steam?


It should automatically. Make sure steam is closed, Categorise, and save the profile.


Mine so far, the one called games - are not sorted yet - not sure why the app didnt pick them up


I also have that folder, about 180 games in it. I believe it is time that someone update or write a new program, it’s 4 years old already.


Yea I had a look, its all my games that I sorted already, and between that and the VR that I dont want to see its driving my ocd a bit nuts


I used to have all my games neatly categorised according to genre, but twice now Steam has reset/ lost my categories which has put me off setting them up again. I’m slowly working on recreating them but it’s slow going…



Same happened to me, now I just used the “Recent” or “Installed” views of my library.





Although now that I think about it. I did try and make a nice sorted list a long time ago and steam basically reset it so I never bothered again.


I thought it was just me. Just spent a few hours setting them up again too into “Must Play”, “Want to Play”, “Will never play”.

But I saw the whole library interface will get a makeover with you being able to filter by store tags. That will make my life so much easier!