Studying and balancing gaming

So I signed up for Unisa again when that extra window was opened because of Zumas announcement. Now I haven’t been too successful in the past with studying - I always seem to develop extra interests and ignore the studying.

Some of you have already long completed your studies and some of you are still busy. How do you balance studying, work and gaming?

When do you study? I’ve started waking up at 5am to get some time in. I don’t like studying when people are around. So thats my plan for now, wake up early and then I have time later.

I’ll post more as I think of stuff.


Good Luck dude and all the best. It is something I always struggle with. Everything is ten times more interesting when you need to study. It’s because of me having to study that I got so good at playing the guitar. It’s something I wish I could balance in my life. But I’m a lazy fucker.

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i went through about 3 quarters of a degree through Unisa and then eventually gave up because I couldn’t balance work, studying, life and everything. It’s one of my big disappointments that I never finished.

I went through a hard time during that time though.

Good luck to everyone who’s studying!

I am lucky enough to be able to study at work when it is quiet. I am not a morning person so I never get up early to study. I manage to get most of my work done during work hours. And I always dedicate at least 4 hours over a weekend as well. I have learnt to prioritize if you don’t you hit a wall - that is kinda where I am at, but I think my lack of motivation is a variety of real-life issues.

Closer to exams I tend to take 2 or 3 hours a night to study - but I still make time to play something - even if its 30mins of Heroes of the Storm. Its a way for my brain to reset.

I need white noise to study and do my assignments otherwise I get distracted very easily.

ja thats me hey, i will find a reason not to study. its very hard but i do try and do an hour everyday and going to class twice a week really helps to get me into a routine

That i what i miss the most, having no classes to attend. Going to classes makes it a lot easier - I tend to absorb most of my knowledge in a class room setting than on my own.

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yeah i never did that either.

I am so glad to be done with studying. I studied one degree full-time and the other part-time while working and I can honestly say the latter was much tougher - purely from a discipline and time point of view.

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Yep same here, this second one whilst working full time is not fun. It’s taking so much longer to complete. And I really struggle with motivating myself.

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The best motivator for me was to enter and pay for my exams/course :grin:

I suck at balancing stuff. I did a diploma last year and was rarely able to play anything. Then I wrote some more exams early this year, and again, I can’t remember playing anything while studying.
I’m planning on starting with another 4-year degree part-time/in-service training within the next year and I fear that might be the end of gaming for a while, but we’ll see.

The past year, I used to study 20h00-22h00 on weeknights, 08h00-17h00 off days and weekends. We renovated one of our outside store rooms into a study: there are a desk, a chair and a lamp. It’s plain and simple with nothing to distract me, and it’s away from the noise inside the house: no one needs to try and be quiet for my sake.

I’m getting old, I need 7 hours of sleep every night lately, so I can’t sacrifice my sleep to study. Most of my “off time” is spent with my SO and our critter.
When I play something, it’s something like FTL that I can play a few minutes at a time. I stay away from RPG or adventure games that can become too consuming.

Are those 2 the only issues you are worrying about balancing?

I do way way less gaming these days so it has almost zero impact. I do an hour every day no matter what, usually super early morning or late evening with 2 hours a day over the weekend. Routine is key and I’m sure by the time I start going to classes, an even better routine will only help more

draw up a schedule. I find its the only way for me. As well as utilising the pomodoro technique.

check it out, it helped me so much in the past until I had kid. Now everything effed :stuck_out_tongue:

*edit I used my phone to time, ticking creates anxiety for me haha