Subnautica: Below Zero

The successor to the amazing original game is being released for early access tomorrow. I am excited and nervous at the same time. I still remember getting the original game when it came out of early access and it was very pretty but a mess.

It took almost a year before it was really playable and quite some time to release.

This full standalone game promises a release this year, which sounds promising indeed. I will be watching this game and its comments on steam/reddit every day. I might buy into it from the start, will see what the initial impressions are and the depth of game play.

If I can build my own base with the first iteration then I am in, I love base building and decoration, especially if it is under the sea :wink:


Man I wish this game had co-op…

There is a mod that allows subnautica to be co-op:



The following update was just released for Below Zero:

This update includes the final storyline of the game with fully-voiced dialogue as well as a host of other changes all of which can be viewed here.


The game is getting better and better!

Does this mean the game is almost ready for 1.0 release? I would love to play it but want to wait for the full release first.

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I don’t think its that close to release yet. I am hoping it is though.

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I REALLY want to play this iteration, I have played each major release in this game up to now. Something is holding me back though. I am torn between checking this one out or waiting for release.

I love this game.

I did the same with the original Subnautica, that game is amazing.

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The Seaworthy Update is here!

Dive into the final Subnautica: Below Zero Early Access update! Seaworthy brings out most stable version of the game to players to-date. With tons of bugs squashed, a new fully-voiced story centered around the Mercury II crew, Prawn Suit improvements, gamepad and rumble support, and the final implementation of the soundtrack by Ben Prunty. There’s no shortage of polished and refined content to whet your appetite until the 1.0 release, coming May 14th, 2021.

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It is looking good! I love this game

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Loved the original Subnautica and played multiple iterations of the Below Zero early access.

Think I will skip this release and only play it again when it’s fully out to get the complete start-to-finish experience in all it’s glory.


I have decided the same!


The cinematic trailer is now out:

EDIT: Fixed the YT embedding


Thanks maybe I should take a loot at the game again

Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed that and had a bit of a chuckle.

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In case you missed it…


That’s right the full and complete game is now available. There was a launch stream for the release over here:

But if you don’t want to watch all that I think the main highlight of it was the new gameplay trailer: