🔆 Summer Game Fest 2023

:high_brightness: Summer Game Fest 2023

Thursday, 8 June @ 21:00

See what’s next in video games with #SummerGameFest, hosted by Geoff Keighley live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles.

The show will feature the world gameplay premiere of MORTAL KOMBAT 1 with Ed Boon, as well as a look at the gameplay of ALAN WAKE 2 with Sam Lake from Remedy, plus more game news and announcements including the world premiere of #FortniteWilds the new season of Fortnite launching Friday.

The LIVE show will be followed by Day of the Devs and Devolver Direct


Oh! Something to stream before bedtime tonight!


Clips taken from the SGF23 livestream. Will replace with official trailers once they’re available.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

New action adventure, 2.5D platformer, fighting game coming 18 January 2024 from Ubisoft.

Mortal Kombat I

Fight! MK reboot into new timeline, extended story gameplay trailer, the “Finish Him” scenes are insanely violent and graphic, coming 19 September, pre-order to get Shang Tsung added to your roster and Beta Access. MK fans will love the Kameos.

Path of Exile 2

ARGP sequel, very short raw gameplay feature shown, more news comping 28 July, check pathofexile2.com for details.

Street Fighter 5 x Exo Primal

Collab crossover coming in “Fall” with new game coming July.

Dead By Daylight: Nicholas Cage

Coming 25 July, plays himself as one of the Survivors.


Coming on Epic, from Ethan Carter dev team, magic FPS, short trailer, Early Access from 20 September.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad

Coming August, for PSVR 2

Remnant II

Many more weird alien bugs and beasties, lots and lots of guns, first was good, this one looks as good and better.

Sonic Superstars

New game for the Sonic fandom, multiplayer, modernised 2D style, coming in “Fall”

Honkai: Star Rail

New character and PS release for the anime styled fighter.


The Lies of P.

Based on the Pinocchio story, Soulsborne-like, coming to GP PC PS XB, releases 19 September, deluxe ed pre-order for 4 day early access and cosmetics, has a demo “Out Now”?

Sand Land

New title from Bandai Namco, fighting, vehicle combat, exploration, manga-ish looks are very cool, Dragonball creator.

Throne and Liberty

NCSoft fantasy MMO RPG, PC and Console, free-to-play title being published through Amazon Games, looks v interesting, tech test coming up that you can sign up for at playthroneandliberty.com (looks just up your alley @Shrike).


Transform into super warrior, battle many bad dudes, coming Q3 2023 (I can’t do the Fall thing any more), play for free soon during the next Steam NextFest from 19 June.

Party Animals

Eventually coming out! 20 September, Steam and Xbox.

Crash Team Rumble

Online multiplayer, MOBA, Season 1 out 20 June

Alan Wake 2

Remedy’s long awaited sequel, survival horror, two characters that players switch between, standalone game experience, gameplay of second character FBI Agent Saga shown, right amount of eerie, freakish deer-head dude takes multiple shots to down…, is out 17 October, pre-orders open, Epic, PS, XB.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine II

Saber & Focus, co-op campaign, out at year end, unleash devastation!

Yes Your Grace: Snowfall

Pixel art kingdom management RPG, coming next year.

Toxic Commando

More from Focus & Saber but this time with John Carpenter set to a Bon Jovi soundtrack, zombie shooter, shades of World War Z, coming 2024.


Baldur’s Gate III

31 August release, new baddie, Gortash, introduced, voiced by Jason Isaacs.

Spider-man 2

Insomniac PS exclusive, features dual character play, no new trailer, new villain artwork, reveal of release date - 20 October.


“Kinda like Pokemon with guns”? Crafting, survival, shooter, with some serious questionably Nintendo-like character art, Early Access in January 24.

Lord of the Rings: Return to Moira

Been looking forward to this one, hopefully release in better shape than Gollum, coming Q3 to Epic, PS and XB.

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Mobile Final Fantasy game for iOS and Android, pre-reg for closed beta?

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

Story of ghost hunters, third person action adventure from Dontnod, releases at year end.

Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name

From Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, much fighting, many yakuza, too dead.

Under the Waves

New game from Parallel Studio & Quantic Dreams, coming end August, solo underwater mystery adventure


Phoenix Labs’ cosy magical farm-sim game, previously only planned for Switch but now coming to PC too, looks very cute and super kid-friendly, 8 September, pre-order available.

Marvel Snap

Biggest update ever, Conquest Mode coming next week,

Porsche 75 Xbox Series X Consoles

Custom limited-edition consoles. Not for sale. Can be won through porschexboxsweepstakes.com. Of course “The Porsche Xbox Sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 US (and DC), UK and Germany.” Tease much you bastards!?


King Arthur: Legends Rise

Fantasy squad RPG, flaming swords and dragons, PC and mobile?


Early Access soon, Protect the Beacon!, playwayfinder.com

Stellaris Nexus

Turn-based 4X strategy game, fast-paced multiplayer games that should last an hour each.

Space Trash Scavenger

Salvage scrap in space from not so great looking procedurally generated space stations and asteroids?

Star Trek: Infinite

From Nimble Giant & Paradox, didn’t show much, another RTS-type game?, full reveal coming on 16 June - Piccard Day (who knew that?)

Lysfanga: The Time Shift Warrior

Coming to PC later this year, hack and slash adventure RPG with some interesting mechanics - rewind, duplicate,

Immortals of Aveum

New IP from Ascendant Studios & EA Originals, first person magic shooter, fantasy setting, “like Doom with magic”, out 20 July, looks way too frenetic for my tired old man brain.

Fortnite Wilds

Chapter 4 Season 3 launches tomorrow. Optimus Prime is in it. But he’s human sized? Oh, and dinosaurs that can be ridden like horses. Of course.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Rebuilt release coming in early 2024 to PlayStation 5, cinematic trailer shown, the whole gang is back, complete with big blades and spiky hair.


I love these sort of games, and there are a lot of them made by indie developers… I do not mind supporting developers, especially if it is warranted. This, however, does not seem like a fair price.