🔆 Summer Game Fest 2024

It’s Summer Game Fest time again. Here’s the schedule of events and local start times for most.

State of Play Thursday, May 30 19:00
Guerrilla Collective Thursday, June 6 19:00
Access-Ability Summer Showcase Friday, June 7 17:00
Summer Game Fest Live Friday, June 7 23:00
Day of the Devs Friday, June 7 After Summer Game Fest Live
Devolver Direct Friday, June 7 02:00 (8 June)
Future of Play Direct Saturday, June 8 17:00
Wholesome Direct Saturday, June 8 18:00
Latin American Games Showcase Saturday, June 8 19:00
Women-led Games Summer Games Fest Saturday, June 8 20:30
Future Games Show Saturday, June 8 21:00
Xbox Games Showcase Sunday, June 9 18:00
Black Ops 6 Direct Sunday, June 9 After Xbox Games Showcase
PC Gaming Show Sunday, June 9 22:00
Ubisoft Forward Monday, June 10 21:00

Summer Game Fest Live

:high_brightness: Live from YouTube Theater in Los Angeles, see what’s next in video games at #SUMMERGAMEFEST. A 2-hour live showcase featuring updates from the world’s top game development studios.:high_brightness:

Except for the Xbox Games Showcase which has a dedicated topic, any other event livestreams will be added when I find them. (Unless, of course, anyone wants to create topics for them…?) Major Trailers and Reveals from Game Fest Live will get posted in this topic as well.

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Lego Horizon Adventures
End of the year for PS5, Switch, and PC (Steam & Epic)
Collectibles, coop, base building, “2-player in mind”.

No More Room in Hell 2
Coming to Early Access Halloween 2024, Pc (Steam & Epic)
From Chivalry 2 devs, permadeath, zombie shooter, 8 player coop.

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions
Out 3 September for PS5, XB, Switch and PC (Steam & Epic). Day 1 with PS+.

Choo Choo Charles solo developer, coming sometime 2025, PC (Steam).
Up to 20 player coop, cartoonish prison break, ultra-violent cuteness.

Star Wars Outlaws
August 30, open-world adventure.
New trailer, but more info on Monday in the Ubisoft Forward.

From Gris developer.
Cute side-scroller, looks gorgeous.

Civilisation 7
Coming to consoles and PC 2025.
Just an announcement cinematic, no gameplay shown, August showcase coming.

Black Myth Wukong
Coming 20 August for PS5, PC (Steam & Epic)
Looks graphically remarkable, but no game play shown, only cinematics.

Once Human
Out 9 July on PC (Steam & Epic).
4 player squad battler, with Destiny/Remnant vibes, mutant bugs, aliens.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine
Coming 9 September for PS5, XBXS, and PC.
Good looking but brief trailer, gameplay overview promised for 20 June.

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Metaphor: ReFantazio
Launching 11 October for XBXS and PC.
From Persona developer Studio Zero, fantastical JRPG with characters that transform into more than 40 “archetypes”.

Batman Arkham Shadow
Exclusive Meta Quest VR title coming Q3. Gameplay trailer to be shown at Gamescom.

Street Fighter 6
New character update trailer for anime fighter.

Tears of Metal
Wishlist on Steam.
Roguelike coop slasher fest with a medieval Scottish flovour?

Dragon Ball: Sparking! Zero
Coming 11 October for PS5, XBXS, and PC (Steam).
Multicharacter fighter from the Dragon Ball universe.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops
Global PC Alpha Test in July. Wishlist on Steam and Epic.
Free-to-Play on all platforms, tactical FPS, has mission-based shooter coop with CoD/Rainbow 6 feels. Also coming with campaign styled on original Black Hawk Down movie. (Separate game?)

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves
Coming 2025 for PS5, PS4, XBXS, PC (Steam and Epic).
Retro fighter with classic arcade characters.

Power Ranger: Rita’s Rewind
Wishlist now on Steam.
Retro-inspired side scrolling beat em up.

Kingdom Come Deliverance 2
Still targeting a 2024 release.
Direct sequel to the original, historical adventure RPG with medieval combat and detailed character and story. Much improved combat and visuals.

Coming 8 November for XBXS, PS5, PS4, and PC (Steam & Epic).
Interesting concept that allows players to possess any NPC or animal in the game to battle creatures and mutants.

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Deer & Boy
First time indie developer game. Looks very nice. Wishlist on Steam.

Killer Bean
Another solo developer game, from animator who work on The Matrix movies. This one star you as a bean assassin. Third person roguelike shooter, looks great, slow-mo bullet time.

Reveal trailer for Alpine survival climbing game.

Coming 2024 for PS5 and PC (Steam).
Indie from creator of Stanley Parable. Cozy fantasy tea-shop and community management game on the surface, with a deeper darker storyline in the background.

Unknown9: Awakening
Coming Q3 2024, PS, XB, PC.
New narrative action adventure from Bandai Namco.

Enotria: The Last Song
PS5, PC (Steam & Epic). Demo available now.
Single player Soulslike RPG.

The First Descendant
Sci-fi looter shooter title from Nexon, releasing 2 July for PS5, XBXS, PC (Steam).

Sonic X Shadow Generations
Coming 25 October for PS, XB, Switch. and PC (Steam & Epic).
A collection of 3D and 2D levels from Sonic and Shadow games.

Dune Awakening
Coming to Steam, PS5, and XBXS. Very good looking cinematic story trailer for the upcoming open world survival MMO.

Battle Aces
RTS army vs army game “for everybody” from new indie studio Uncapped Games. Beta test coming soon

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Alan Wake II: Night Springs DLC
Available tomorrow 8 June for XBXS, PS5 and PC Deluxe Edition owners. A collection of alternative scenarios taking place in the AW2 world.

New World: Aeturnum
Now coming to consoles! PS5 and XBXS releases 15 October. Solo play or coop with cross play enabled.

Dark and Darker
Free to Play on PC (Steam and Epic). Hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon PvPvE adventure game, out now.

Kunitsu-gami: Path of the Goddess

Hyper Light Breaker
Available in Steam Early Access soon.


Coming to consoles.

Monster Hunter Wilds
Releases in 2025 for XB, PS5, and PC. Also with full crossplay.

Phantom Blade 0
Dark Soulslike samurai action RPG.

more trailers to come as I find decent versions

Future Games Show: Summer Showcase

Saturday, 8 June @ 21:00

Hot on the heels of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase in March, which reached 8.5 million live viewers, the Summer Showcase will return on Saturday, June 8. Featuring more than 40 exciting upcoming games on PS5, Xbox, Switch and PC, the broadcast will be the most ambitious showcase yet.

This is apparently a full movie available on youtube as well. Was gonna watch it this weekend, but didn’t get around to it. Might do a movie night next weekend.

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Killer Bean Forever

And a mobile game that’s been around for 10+ years already:

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Civ VII!!! Oh noooo! I just got over Civ 6!