Summer Games Done Quick

The speed running festival Summer Games Done Quick starts today @ 6:30pm. During the event speedrunners from all over the world will be showcasing there insane skills as they try to beat a variety of games as quickly as they can while the world watches, all to raise money for charity.

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I’ve grown to like GDQ! It is fascinating how they break games and finish them so incredibly quick.

I am looking forward to the Tomb Raider speedruns, I want to see how the hell anyone speedruns Cuphead, and there are two Deus Ex runs by Heinki. I like Heinki’s speedruns of DX. I’ve not seen a Mankind Divided speedrun so that should be awesome!!

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Maybe I could use this to get my run of DX:MD done in time for the game club!

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Lol, it’s scheduled to be only 1h 5 minutes. So it leaves you with plenty of time to try the tips and tricks.

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I love the GDQ events. My wife hates it cause she gets ignored for a week. Also the same goes for work. Watched Tomb raider this morning. Was awesome. I havent been able to watch as much as i would have liked until now. all the Castlevania runs are coming up tonight. They are always fun. Other ones im looking forward to are super metroid, super monkey ball 2, cuphead, celeste, the desu ex runs and super mario kart.

oh yes and final fantasy vi as the closer.

Still to watch any speed runs. I’ll wait for the YouTube video versions of the runs. I’m really kinda excited to see the Deus Ex runs.

Currently watching the Halo 2 run - the tricks and skills to skip significant sections of the game are really impressive.