Superbru 2018



Yeah was a really terrible weekend for Superbru. I also got only 3 games right, and my margins were nowhere close to correct.


3 out of 7 for me as well. Bet I can even predict which ones you got right…


Lol I think you can yes. The only games that were clear-cut. All the others were either upsets or just 50/50 calls that most people got wrong.


i see the sharks are losing to the Rebels… whats up with the SA sides fairing so dismally against the sub -par aussie sides? i mean really


I keep picking the Sharks and each week they perform worse and worse. I’m just hoping that they will click but it’s not happening and they are one of the poorest teams in competition it looks like.


I know hey, i also keep choosing them… its the same with the stormers. on paper they have good teams but they just preform so badly…


What a difference a couple of weeks make, eh? Game 1, bye bye GSP.


Never mind, I spoke too soon.


DAMMIT MAN!!! You jinxed them. :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

What a finish. Too bad their discipline was lacking at the end. But well played nevertheless.


I got that game so horribly wrong. It’s so sad that the Sharks didn’t win it.


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Is there a F1 MEW Superbru?


Yes. Make sure to join the club to be invited to all our pools.


Please explain. Haven’t been on superbru on years.


Join here:

Then you’ll receive invitations to future pools. :smile:



10 chars!!!


Congrats to Ton for winning the Soccer World Cup Superbru! I have no idea who that is. :slight_smile:

And then secondly, would you guys be interested in a Premier League pool? I’m not too fond of soccer but can create a pool if there’s interest.


Thanks to everyone who tried this year in Super Rugby. :stuck_out_tongue: May you do better next year.


Congrats on all the wins! You really outdone yourself this year in the Superbru. I fell out of contention due to civil protest. I will try again next year.