Superbru 2018

We are running quite a number of pools at the moment and we have the club.


Soccer World Cup Predictor

U20 Rugby World Cup:

June Internationals:

Super Rugby:

I’m in the process of changing the names of pools and change the logos and such.

This post will be updated with more pools and such during the year.

Chat about the rugby on Telegram here:

I’m only in the predictor. The others are too complicated for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantasy is my favourite.

Superstars is very easy to play. You can maybe give it a try. :slight_smile:

I was also only in the Predictor, however I’ll give Superstarts a bash.

Fantasy is too much for me as well.

I signed up for predictor! Hopefully I’ll actually remember to predict this year.

But they sommer send you emails!

I’m in! For Superbru at least, the rest is too time-consuming.

Amateurs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Aye, Predictor only suits me fine and already provides me a headache for a season …

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Fantasy is where it’s at peoples. It’s where the true knowledge of the game gets rewarded.

Thats what I don’t have :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe fair enough.

Hahaha I have the knowledge but my heart is too strong with a lot of decisions…

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wow i see the bulls in their sundowsn kit are not doing badly overseas… this does not bode well for my superbru!

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I can’t believe it! I picked the Chiefs by 20.

i knew it would be close but also went for the Chiefs…

They were doing well, and then the inevitable SA teams which can’t play for a full 80mins struck again.

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It’s something where New Zealand teams excel. They always seem to be fitter than anyone else.

I’m relieved because I had the Chiefs to win by more than 6 points as part of a multiple bet.

Unfortunately I’ve lost my lead in some Superbru pools because of not getting the margin point in this game.

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We will rebuild!

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wow i had a shocking weekend…

i only did well in Superstars… everywhere else i dropped so badly. only had 3 matches where i got some point on…