Tablets that can play steam games?

Does anyone know of a cheap tablet that can play steam games like oxygen not included, terreria, northgard etc?


That sounds like a fun idea. I suppose it has to be a windows tablet then?

What about a lenovo miix 2 in 1 tablet? I’ve got one, suppose I could give it a try with terraria (don’t own the others)

Have a look at this, it’s a bit more techincal:

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Don’t think it has to be. You can stream the games to pretty much any tablet…


Definitely not cheap, but I kinda want one of these

That looks like an expensive kid’s toy / laptop hybrid. Might as well buy a 13" gaming laptop for slightly more…

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Basically, but if you want a 13" laptop, you’ll get a 13" laptop…

What if I want to play Diablo on something the size of a phone??

Oh wait…


I managed to get Diablo 3 sort of playable on an 8" windows tablet. It was a rather meh end result.

It was a Dell Venue 8 Pro for reference. Probably can find something like that cheap.

Just not the huawei tablets - anything with at least 2gigs memory - but they are not that cheap.

So basically not really is the answer :rofl:

Well, unless you’re willing to stream… Then you can buy any cheap Android tablet or even just use your (Android) phone. But natively, I’m not so sure. Your biggest limiting factor would be the CPU+GPU combo, since tablets aren’t all that good with heat dissipation and -management. Especially the ones with Intel architecture, which is what you need to run Windows (or Linux) and Steam. Even if you manage to find one with suitable specs, you’ll end up paying a ton of money for a sub-standard machine, as the compact build and pocketability comes at a premium.

Edit: Is there a reason you need a tablet specifically? Won’t a small laptop do the trick as well? You’ll get the benefit of a touch pad and the ability to plug in any mouse and use it for more precision-oriented gaming.

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I want one to play at work during breaks and on holiday if im bored, so dont really wanna carry around a laptop - so basically im lazy to set up a laptop

What ever happened to that Razer Edge thing, that probably would have been ideal. I suppose it never even reached South Africa.

A small laptop with a decent battery life is really not difficult to setup to play - my Macbook Pro (2012 fat model) is easy to pull out of its sleeve, flip open the screen and start up a game. It’s on instantly and battery life is pretty decent - even more so with newer models. Most modern Windows laptops have a very efficient sleep mode as well (you shouldn’t hibernate with an SSD). My current ASUS ROG is also flip-open-and-play ready. If it’s purely for playing Steam games on the go, then a lightweight 13" (or smaller) laptop is the ideal companion.

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I concur. Rather get a laptop
Used my miix 320 and tried it with Terraria. Takes 7 minutes from opening the game to starting to play. Streaming works great though. Can’t believe I didn’t know about this streaming thing before!

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