Tag suggestion: Rename "officialthread" to "officialtopic"

It is time to embrace all things Discourse, including their nomenclature.

In Discourse land, it’s not a thread, it’s a topic. They even have a meme, so you know its super cereal:

What say you?

  • Do not rename the “officialthread” tag
  • Rename to “officialtopic”
  • Rename to something else (discuss in below)

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We should make the jump and follow their lead, it will just take us a little time :smiley:

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I can live with topic.

I think we should rename it to (discuss in below)

Rename it to “Something Else”. It literally says so in the post. Plus, you then get SE for short, which looks like “sê” in Afrikaans. Trappies, ek wil iets sê en ek gaan dit sê.

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(discuss in below) is a bit of a long name though isn’t it?

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Yes, you are correct. We should rename it to Below.

(Seriously though, I’m all for renaming it to topic).