I’m subscribe to Spotify for my music listening needs and one of the features I enjoy is the playlists that get generated according to your listening habits. One of the playlists that I found pretty cool was called “Tastebreakers” which was a selection of songs from genres and artists I don’t usually explore but that I’d potentially like. And there were some songs on the playlist that I really did enjoy.

This got me thinking when it comes to gaming, have there ever been any “tastebreakers” for you in that you found yourself enjoying a game that came from a genre you’d not usually play or be interested in?

The Forest was one such game for me. I’m not particularly keen on survival games, nor am I keen on horror games but for some reason I really enjoy this game.


Persona 5 was one. I’m not a fan of JRPG’s but I really enjoyed the time I spent with Persona 5 even though I didn’t finish it. I do still plan to go back to it one day.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is probably another one. It’s also a Japanese RPG, but not a JRPG in the classic sense of the word. The story and characters are very anime-like and that’s not something I typically like but I LOVED the game. Really want to get my own physical copy as well as the DLC at some point.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 was a tastebreaker for me. Before that I had never played a FPS game. Its really fun but I do prefer to play with a group of people on discord when playing.


Hrm… this is an interesting question. I guess it has to be Prince of Persia: Sands of Time for me.

I was never much of a fan of 3D platformers, but the original Prince of Persia is one of those significant games from my childhood so I gave it a try. The parkour and combat system hooked me on the mechanics, but the story… the story hooked me on the game.

I’ve replayed it several times over the years, as well as The Warrior Within. Never finished Two Thrones, sadly (I believe it used Starforce DRM on PC… What a shame).

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Prince of Persia: SoT is a great game, I also enjoyed Warrior Within and got close to finishing Two Thrones (I recall getting stuck on a tough boss fight)

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