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How do I see this? Is this in my sound settings screen as above? My PC allows me to choose output/input options. The only one that is new if I plug the dongle in is the BT-90 option above. There are no other new options.

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What decent alternatives are available for XBox controllers on Takealot?

Mine started suffering from controller drift about a month ago. I then tried to fix it using the methods recommended online and somehow broke it. Bought a new one, taking care of it and even putting it inside its original box when I’m not using it (to prevent dust build-up for stick drift) and in less than a month, I have controller drift on a brand new controller. The previous one at least lasted about 2 years or so.

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I would probably be stumped just as you. There is a firmware update, though the listed changes, don’t seem related to your problem. I suppose it’s worth a try.

as a troubleshooting step, lets check the levels of the microphone, please go to the control panel version of your sound options, an easy way to get there is to:

right-click the speaker icon in your task bar, and click on “sounds”:


A new window should pop up, where you can then click on “Recording”:


Windows should have set your new mic as default, so simply double click the microphone with the green check mark, it should also state the name of the device, then go to levels and make sure it is set to full.there is also a tab where you can select to listen to your device, to make sure it works.

It is at 100.

If this helps, if I plug in my headset mic lead into the mic plug on my front panel I can select it and it shows like this: you can see it is showing something coming in


When I switch it to my earbud mic it looks like this


Nothing happening there

The earbud mic is working when paired to my android phone. So the mic itself is working

Also tested it out on my wife’s laptop, worked flawlessly there, her Win11 saw the earphones as Jabra 4. This leads me to think that it is the dongle I am using that is not letting Win10 pick up the earbuds properly. I will buy a cheapy bluetooth 2 one this Friday and see if that works better. Currently I have this one:

I see it is a switch? dongle? Maybe this is my problem.

After using these earbuds for a few hours gaming my one ear started getting irritated and developed an infection. Yikes. I cleaned them up and put in for a return refund to account. I hope they put it through so I can get an over ear one.

This time I will get an over ear one with its own RF dongle so not have the above issue anymore.

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Yeah, I notice after using buds over a prolonged period my ears, and specifically inner, starts to feel sore. To the point where they feel blocked and having to stretch my jaw a bit to relieve the tension.

Also a reason why I prefer Apple Airpods as they don’t go “in” the ear canal like buds do.

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Well, Airpod Pros do have silicone tips to help keep the buds in place and assist with noise cancellation. I have a pair of APP2’s and replaced the silicone tips with Comply memory foam tips. They are much more comfortable and stay in place better, as the silicone tips slid out my ears sometimes when exercising.

Another thing is that my wife also got an ear infection using APP2’s and it’s since been resolved using Comply tips as well. So might be a silicone-related allergy or reaction in your ears?

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If takealot turns down my return then I will have to make a plan. I will check out the memory foam tips if that happens. Thanks!

I find I’m having to do this multiple times. For some reason the sync seems to get switched off. Can anyone think of a reason as to why this happens?

Check background services i think calendar app doesnt have background permissions.