Tell us a bit about yourself (info for SS)

I hate this I never know what to say:

I love any and all Joss Whedon. Best is still Firefly, Serenity and then Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel . . . .

Im not a star wars/star trek fan - I like them both equally but if forced to chose it will be Firefly

I consider my vaping a hobby, I love reading, busy with the Trudi Canavan Books, fantasy over sci-fi

Tv shows, movies are all good, anime is not my thing at all and I cannot stand it at all. Also not the worlds biggest comic book movie fan, I just watch them for fun, not a fan girl.

I love cooking and have to avoid places like kitchen junky and yuppiechef - especially since yuppie opened a store near me.

Gaming is and always will be important, currently playing Vikings Wolves of Midgard, HoTs, Destiny 2.
Huge F1 fan as you all know, not so much a team person as a Vettel, Ricciardo, Kimi fan

Also a collector of plushies - dont have much currently I had to give away most of mine to make space for pc stuff

  • I’m a volunteer
  • I’m broke
  • I’m a big Mass Effect fan and have a collection of such (Update I don’t have any of the Andromeda books or comics yet)
  • I’m Canadian
  • I like hot food, and eat Sri Racha sauce like others do tomato sauce (maybe even more so. Huy Fong brand all the way, but the local brand with the goose on it is acceptable when I’m out of the authentic stuff)
  • I try to be eat healthy, working out a few times a week
  • I play ice hockey
  • I enjoy tinkering with Arduinos and Raspberry Pis, so odd modules/sensors are always wanted

I’ll add on more if/when I think of stuff

“healthy” junk food I like

I’ll keep adding if I think of anything else.


I live 25km past the ass end of nowhere.

I have never really been interested in the “geek culture” before joining here. I still know nothing about it and dont know where to start, but it really intrigues me and I would love to know more.
I sorta watched star wars and would love to one day say “beam me up scotty”
Was a big Harry Potter fan as a kid (go team Gandalf the Gryfindoor!)
I choose Marvel over DC as I love Batman, its really cool how a guy like Peter Parker is just an ordinary guy who combats crime.
I love reading and have an audible account which I use daily.

I spend my days either traveling to see clients or in my office. Evenings are for looking after the kids and nights are spent making bottles and getting ready for the next day.

My weekends are centered around my family so I dont get much hobby time anymore.

I also co-ordinate a civilian violent crime reaction team with 16 trained ‘volunteers’ and 3 paramedics

My biggest strenth is spelling and I could spell big words like marmalade all day.

I am a proud Freemason.

In case you were wondering, I wear the pants in the relationship. My wife said I could last week.

I guess thats me, in a nutshell I like the outdoors, would love to learn more about geek culture and am seriously allergic to the chemical compounds that coat mica flakes (glitter) I break out into hives if I come into contact with the stuff (google it, its real)


Mmmmm where do i start…

i like learning especially to do stuff myself so that i dont have to ask anyone for any help also i just like to know how to do stuff. Ok perhaps im a slight bit of a control freak… but I love DYing stuff, i love drawing and recently took up a bit of painting again. i love making stuff, be it a painting, baking a cake or a tart or making my own pasta.

i like history(roman and greek mythology is my favourites, but i have picked up an interest in Egyptian history recently as well, thanks to news articles and AC Origins. I am a consumer of news and general knowledge.

im an avid rugby watcher and supporter and of course i also like to game when i have the time and when my brain is not totally fried by work or so.

oh and if you didnt know i LOVE LOVE LOVE cats and would have a whole house full if my complex allowed me too (the hubby doesnt get a say and will just have to deal with all the cats).

PS. i forgot to mention i like LOVE Iron man and most things in the marvel universe and i am starting to build up a Hot Toys/Kotibukiya/lego figurine collection. i do also like Flash and Green Arrow.


xkcd once made a comic about me. Let me see if I can find it.

I like gaming. All kinds of different games. But for gaming merchandise I’d love Bioshock Infinite, Mass Effect or Dark Souls stuff. Especially of Liara.

A lot of my time is spent on rugby betting. Watching rugby, reading about rugby, coding rugby prediction models and so forth.

I’m a programmer in real life and most of my life is spent sitting in front of a computer.

TV show wise I like The Leftovers most. Also Lost, Enterprise and 12 Monkeys. Movie wise these are my favourites:

Intoxicated with the madness, I’m in love with my sadness.

My favourite colour is grey. Favourite music genre is funeral doom. Best band: Agalloch.

I enjoy beauty and I see it everywhere. My idea of beauty may be different from others. I like the dark. I like rainy days. The sound of the howling wind. Perfect silence. A brief encounter. A simple smile.

I’m not a social person. I’m an introvert.

My ideal gift would be something beautiful. Something dark.


Both of those statements really make my head hurt…


Glad I could be of service! As Spock always says “May the force be with you”


Let me tell you the tale of DieGrootHammer, the man, the myth, the legend!

I am first and foremost a gamer. I wanted to rather say that I’m a geek, but I realized reflecting on the various aspects of geekdom that I’m probably not a very good geek. I am not interested in comics, to the point that I’ve only seen a handful of the comic book movies. I’ve never played DnD in my life. And I’ve never been into anime. I guess you can call me a “geek-lite”. But definitely not in a literal sence…

See, I am 6’6" and wouldn’t classify myself as a small person. I wear size 15/16 shoes which I am oddly proud of for some reason. So when I call myself DieGROOTHammer, I am not exaggerating.

I enjoy a wide range of interests and activities. At the moment I would classify my biggest hobbies to be gaming, photography and golf. I also love to write, and try to write as often as I can in my spare time. I am always open to try out new things and trying to find more hobbies to fill my time.

I have a huge passion and love for music. I have no real outright favourite genre of music, and listen to pretty much anything. My mood drives what music I listen to. Due to this I have an odd knack to learning song lyrics very quickly, and I know a rather alarming amount of songs off by heart. It’s almost like it’s my party trick. In fact I’ve been on Noot vir Noot (season 37 episode 15) and won R5000 in that episode.

I am a huge Star Wars fan. But like silly huge! I have a number of collectibles, various editions of DVD’s Blu-rays and even VHS copies of Star Wars. I am really a big lover of Star Wars.

I am a very outgoing person. Love to be around people and meeting new people.

And yes, I do love numbers and statistics. It is one of those things in life that just makes sense. There is no ambiguity, no guessing, just pure numbers and the story they have to tell.

Onto gaming. I would honestly say I am super into racing games these days. Actually, I’ve been into them for a long time. I also have a very organised Top 100-ish list of my favourite games. I also enjoy a good management sim, open world game, or FPS game. My favourite franchise of all time is absolutely Deus Ex.

For my SS, if I get the postal delivery, just get me anything from The Gadget Shop and I’ll be extremely happy. If it’s digital only, go for the Management Sim genre on Steam, or some great indie title on Xbox (yes you can send gifts via Xbox now).


Hello julle!

Most people here know me as oltman, but what few people know is that my birth name is actually Oltman. My parents just chose such a cool name that it makes an awesome online nick as well! I used to go by ACowYesACow because it used to be funny that “Player1 got shotgunned by ACowYesACow”.

I am Afrikaans, a husband to the most amazing English wife, a daddy to 2 beautiful girls. One 2 going on 3, the other 6 going on 16! I live in Salt Rock, KZN. I live for Jesus since he died for me.

I am a typical gadget freak and love anything that works with electrical current, big or small. I have drones, r/c planes, cameras, gimbals, Raspberry Pis (Pi’s? Pies? More than one Pi…), consoles and off course my number one love, my gaming PC. My Steam collection is too big. I know that. But its a monster that I need to keep fed.

I used to write gaming reviews for and currently dabble in the odd review for SOme friends are trying to push me to write a book, I am not sure it’s such a good idea!

My favourite gaming genres include:

  • open world adventures like GTA, Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed
  • story driven games like The Wolf Among Us, Life Is Strange
  • co-op games that bring people together like Jackbox, Overcooked (this might actually push people away!)
  • sports titles, either team or racing, like Forza, FIFA, PES

Looking back I actually like any game! Just don’t make me sit and read for hours on end, so no JRPGs!!!

My other interest include sport and recently had to give up playing rugby due to an injury. I try to stay fit but it feels like an endless battle!

I am in the construction industry and work as a Contracts Manager, so I drive a lot. During these trips I love listening to Audible and my favourite authors are Scott Meyer, Lee Child and one amazing book by Alexander C Kane called Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection. Go check it out!

So that’s me. Amazing that I can squeeze 40 years into 371 words!


Jeeze now I feel bad for my crappy intro - maybe I should let hammer write one for me when he has time :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy fuck you people write a lot about yourself.

This is always very hard for me cause in my mind I am the most boring person in the world. Also the most lazy.

I love gaming. As I think most of us do on here. My life is broken into two sections. Work and games.

I take a lot of pride in my work. I had nothing and started with nothing. I started working at a company 6 years ago as n temp posting gumtree listings and now I own part of that company and it has grown from 3 guys in a small room in a Beauty Salon to a company with almost 20 employees.

On the gaming side I am obsessed with RPG’s, Simulation games and online competitive titles (even though I am the worst of the worst. I am having fun. I don’t care.) In the week my wife knows my time is hers, but from 5pm on Friday I disappear until Monday morning.

My other big passion in life is American Football (GO JETS!) and playing fantasy sport.

And some may know I enjoy a nice bong every now and then.

I also love music and I have a serious guitar addiction. I currently own about 7 electric guitars but I have never owned an amp in my life. I also never get any time to play them but I sit and look at them every night.

I have two cats that I love and hate equally at any given point. (Thanks for all the blood and guts and feathers on my brand new bedding you goddamn assholes.)

I believe in being upfront, not apologising for my opinions and I do believe the world would be a much better place if we all just stopped worrying what everyone else thought about us and if we laughed a hell of a lot more.

TIme for a bong…


Bump for the people who haven’t posted yet.


Might as well add my story to the list:

I actually hate talking about myself - like in really. Seeing as religious views and musical tastes have been brought up, I can add that my forum name was bestowed upon me by a bunch of Norwegians on a Christian metal forum I frequented for many years, many years ago. It’s sadly died down now due to Facebook. I have a huge collection of rare, obscure Christian metal albums from relatively unknown bands from a very closed underground scene (Drottnar, Antestor, Pantokrator, Virgin Black, etc). It was my passion and hobby for all those years and I built up a great network of people through it. I haven’t bought anything in recent years, but I still pride myself in the collection I built up. I don’t listen to Christian metal exclusively though - my favourite sub-genres include anything melodic, symphonic and progressive (Evergrey, Haken, Symphony X, Sonata Arctica, Myrath, Orphaned Land, etc) as I kinda wore out the extreme side of metal in my youth.

I have a huge fetish for peripherals. Anything wireless or with some RGB lighting gets my juices flowing. I have a Razer Naga Molten, 2x Logitech G602s, a Logitech G302 (thanks MyG!), some Asus ROG gaming mouse I got with my laptop, a SteelSeries APEX keyboard and some Speedlink RGB keyboard I got for dirt cheap in a hurry when I had to buy a new keyboard for use at a client. I also particularly enjoy the feel of a good mouse pad.

I have a great interest in geek culture, including figurines and collectables from any popular sci-fi or fantasy series. I don’t own any (yet), but plan to start building up a collection in the near future (hint hint). I also love Lego. Like in really, REALLY love it. Any range, any theme, any size. I don’t get around to buying it nearly enough, but I’m hoping that would change the moment my son is old enough to not ingest the parts.

Gaming-wise, I’m a bit of a mixed bag. After spending the majority of my time gaming on PC for many years, I kinda found some comfort in console gaming these days. I have a PS4 with a not-too-large library. Primarily from PS+ giveaways over the past 3 months. I’ve bought the odd PS exclusive, as well as a third person game here and there. My Steam collection, on the other hand, is just as big and unwieldy as most other peoples’, thanks primarily to bundles. I do like racing games and metroidvanias quite a bit, which should be evident from my Steam wishlist. Anything in those genres on PS4 would be an absolute win for me. Oh, and I’m REALLY looking for the last PGA Tour game featuring Rory McIlroy - it’s been discontinued digitally and you can only claim it to your PS account by buying a physical copy.

My day-job is a developer, consultant and business owner in equal measure. My official title is “CTO” but I rarely get to do what the job traditionally entails and rather focus on spending billable hours at clients, closing sales and advising our developers on what to do.

I guess that’s about me? I wouldn’t mind physical or digital gifts. I usually only wanted digital gifts in previous SS rounds, but I’ll open myself up to the glitterfest this year…

My condolences to whoever drew my name:)

Here’s who I am in a nut shell:

Reality sucks, so I enjoy being able to lose myself in some fantasy world, either a game or a movie. Unfortunately there’s not enough hours per day to get lost enough, or at all most of the days. I’m not a terribly big fanboy of anything specific. Marvel, DC comics, LOTR universe, Star Wars, Star Trek, Naruto, etc etc.

I love figuring out puzzles. SpaceRails, Jigsaws, Rubik’s, etc. I used to build model fighter jets, then I moved on to bigger ships. I have a Prince of Whales that still needs to be finished, but my paint dried out.

Boardgames is a tender topic. While I enjoy playing them, iirc I haven’t played any since February.

I collect small figurines, but generally only ones with sentiment: bought these when I visited France, Germany, Kwa-Zulu Natal, and…some unmentionable place… I need to travel again.

I enjoy reading, although I haven’t finished a story book in ages. I’m still busy with The Dark Tower, book 3 I think. Started about 5 years ago, haven’t read in about 3. Lately I only read non-fiction, finance, biographies, textbooks, etc.

I enjoy numbers and finances and I frequent the websites stealthywealth and justonelap

I’m a family man, with an amazing wife and an incredible daughter. They’re the reason I’m so health-consious. My diet and fitness is very important to me, so that I can enjoy a full life with them and not die early due to lifestyle diseases.

Whiskey is my drink of choice. The more peaty, the better. Second in line is stout. If you can see through it, you shouldn’t drink it. Simple.

I don’t work with computers. The ones we have at work hasn’t been doing what it should for a few months now, thanks to procurement and management. I work with people. (back to point 1: reality sucks)
Don’t get me wrong. I’m passionate about what I do, but unfortunately I sometimes see the worst of the worst.

I lived in Vryheid in 2016, where we had no tap water for about 8 months. No bathing, no flushing toilets. Collected as much rain water as possible every time it rained. It was better than queueing for water. That experience has left me more conscious about environmental issues.

I’m highly allergic to microplastics and glitter. I can provide a doctor’s letter on request.

I share these feelings:

Oh flip. Thought my post would be shorter.


Late to the party as per usual,

I like anime, currently watching one piece(episode 557) ¿but like most types, you can see what ive watched on my myanimelist account [Link]( 4). I love my ginger cats, love anything artistic and have been dabbling in different mediums. I like most games except for sports and gasp from crowds racing games. I love gardening and am a swimming instructor. Ive mainly sent this year fighting my sugar and chocolate addiction.:sweat_smile: I like puzzles alot(games and actual puzzles ) amd also reading horror novels.
Thats it for my cant sleep at 3am post…:mermaid:‍♀️

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  • I like anime (subbed)
    As above also watching One Piece (currently on 750±, I keep losing track as I binge it in batches)
    To name a few others I enjoy - My Hero Academia, Attack on Titan, Food Wars, Overlord and newly added That time I got reincarnated as a slime.

  • I like Games (Either MP / Co-op mainly)
    Current MP favourites - CS GO, Dota 2, The Division, Overcooked, Screencheat, Speedrunners and Monaco. Will be trying out The Forest soon (Although I’m a bit late to the game and my friends are quite experienced xD)
    Current SP - The Witcher 3, Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor(Completed), Batman Arkham Asylum(Completed) - I plan to start city soon!

  • I like Youtube / Twitch
    Watching usually involves - Tech / Design / Travel videos
    As well as content creation - in terms of making videos but more into the streaming side of things.I’ve set up both channels on Youtube as well as Twitch although due to limited time / Cap (Use LTE) I haven’t been able to give it as much attention as I would like.

Those are the ones that came to mind, could revisit it and add more later. Hopefully that’s fine :sweat_smile:


Calling all SS attendants

For those doing physical gifts please remember your profile here.

For those doing Steam - please remember to make your profile public

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Dammit, do you guys not know me well enough by now???


You maybe but like who is @Tom? Never heard of that person. Are we sure he is registered at MEW?

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