The biggest games by install size

With games taking up more and more storage space I found this to be an interesting article:

The largest game install sizes (in descending order)

231GB - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Don’t act surprised, we all knew this was coming. With both Modern Warfare and Warzone combined, today’s CoD is one of the most chonky games in existence. If not the chonkiest.

149GB - Hitman 2
No, really. With all the DLC, Hitman 2 essentially includes Hitman, and that means a whole other game’s worth of textures and other digitally heavy things. Outfits and such.

131GB - Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege (with HD texture packs)
R6 Siege is a welterweight of epic proportions, with or without the HD texture packs. But let’s throw them in for good measure.

127GB - Microsoft Flight Simulator
Planet Earth on a 1:1 scale, enough said.

116GB - Red Dead Redemption 2
There is an overwhelming level of detail to near-enough every aspect of Red Dead Redemption 2, right the way down to the horse balls. Am I allowed to say horse balls?

116GB - Borderlands 3
All those uncompressed Claptrap jokes make for a mighty install. Sorry, “jokes”.

112GB - ARK: Survival Evolved
I didn’t see this one coming, but apparently ARK isn’t all about wooden shacks and dinosaur friends anymore. There’s now over 100GB of miscellaneous island content.

110GB - Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey
You could visit Greece during a global pandemic or you could play Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey and get nearly the same experience. That’s a lie but it is a pretty game, and huge.

94GB - Vermintide 2
Basically Destiny but with rats, so it’s not all that surprising to see it nearly match Destiny 2 in game install size.

92GB - Destiny 2
Bungie has admitted it’s a little daunting to oversee all of Destiny 2’s content, and that’s why it’s dropping some of it with the next expansion.

90GB - Grand Theft Auto 5
What is there left to say about GTA 5 at this point? Oh, nothing. Moving on.

89GB - Battlefield V
Grand operations really cranked up the scale of Battlefield’s already sizeable multiplayer, and install size ballooned alongside all the nifty new game modes and features.

86GB - Gears 5
Microsoft may have ditched the ‘of War’ but that still leaves plenty of big, heavy gears lying around—86GB worth.

86GB - Final Fantasy XV
Most of that 86GB is made up of hair styles for those four moody-looking lads.

82GB - Baldur’s Gate 3
We’re only one act in and the game is already 82GB. This one is surely going to surge up this list by the time it leaves early access.

77GB - Forza Horizon 4
It’s never a surprise to see a car game hogging lots of storage space. There’s a whole subgenre of racing games dedicated to just looking at fancy cars, so they must be up to a high standard.

70GB - Metro Exodus
Despite previous Metro games taking place mostly within a metro tunnel, there’s quite a bit more to this one. It’s also gorgeous in that messed up, gritty way.

68GB - Half-Life: Alyx
This one’s easy: It’s a virtual reality game, Valve had to be careful to render the bottoms of objects and under tables just in case you pesky gamers took a peek behind the curtain.

67GB - World of Warcraft
As it stands today, World of Warcraft is a fairly chunky beast at 67GB. That’s likely to increase once Shadowlands rolls around later this year, too.

64GB - Death Stranding
Mostly just for rendering an accurate depiction of Norman Reedus’ face, as Kojima Productions is contractually obliged to.


The thing with this game is that it keeps streaming planet earth to you. If you want you can select areas around your favourite airports and keep them “offline”. You can technically do this with the whole planet, in which case you can end up with terabytes of data!