The dangers of closed ecosystems like Steam,, Epic, Origin, Uplay

For those who might not know, Haroon is a heavyweight in the security industry. He obviously doesn’t have the kind of access to Apple that someone like MKBHD has, but he’s still a pretty well-connected guy in the tech space.

This is the kind of thing that I worry about when it comes to any closed ecosystem, whether it’s an online game or an entire online store. You are entirely at the mercy of a private company and as someone at the Southern tip of Africa you have no real recourse but to beg for your stuff back.


im currently sitting with an issue with EA, my origin account is locked to my old email, i cant change it cause its trying to send a confirmation to that inactive email. i have contacted them numerous times but they are idiots, its been probably 5 months now and EA still hasnt done anything. I did the same thing with Epic and they updated and fixed my issue within an hour.


This is akin to losing your ID book or having you identity stolen.

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