The Division 1


Since so many of us got back into Div1, let’s start a separate thread for that.

We didnt get far this weekend, aka only played Div1 last night and got to level 5/6

And reached Manhattan. I just bought the Season pass on steam to get all the DLC’s.


That is the plan, we are gonna finish 1 first and wait for a proper special to get 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
I loved 2 more, but 1 is gonna be fun

The Division 2

So let’s all lobby to get it in as the next GameClub!


good. I need some partners for 1. Got up to level 13 on my own over the weekend. But shit is getting hard now.


It really does… I stopped around level 17 because I couldn’t complete most of the missions.


yeah i spent about an hour trying to get past one part of a mission. I got so mad i switched my pc off completely. Then i remembered you can just matchmake before the mission. so I did that and managed to finish it with a few randoms.

The game is tough. Bullet sponge galore. I have realised that if you are on the same level as the mission, you are going to have a bad time. So now i am playing all the side stuff to level up so that i can be a few levels above the recommended.


I actually think I’m 2-3 levels above the activity I’m trying to complete and still can’t get past it. It’s about a rogue Division agent and ends with a huge fight where you cower in a small store after working your way through a basketball court. The enemies storm in, with snipers and the boss peppering you from afar. I died so many times in that mission that I just gave up on the game. I’ll try it again soon enough, seeing as I reached max PL cap in Destiny 2 (for now).


Yeah it really is mad. I hope that sort of impossible scenarios in 2 are fixed a bit. You should be able to play the game alone if you want to.


i thought they kept saying how the game is possible solo?


It is definitely possible, its just really really hard. When you get to the point where you need almost a full magazine to take down 1 grunt, but 20 storm you with elites in tow, it just gets a bit frantic. I think what makes it difficult alone is the fact that if you are downed, you cannot revive yourself. At least not at the point where i am now, so you just die and the encounter starts again. I saw in the beta for 2, that you get the option to put down a medical thing that can revive you.

So it is possible, just extremely frustrating and a lot easier if you have teammates that can help out with revivals etc.


also its a cover shooter. But the enemies come at you in such big numbers that they dont need to stay in cover, so it is easy for a few of them to get the flank on you. and then the panic shooting starts. and when the panic shooting starts, things get hairy.


Exactly this. I use long range weapons as far as possible to thin out the enemies from afar, with a shotgun for my alt to help me out in tight spaces when they starm swarming me. Hand guns feel useless to me, to be honest.