The Division 2 finds a new home on Epic Games


Ubisoft has confirmed that it's upcoming third person shooter The Division 2 will not be releasing on Steam. The game will be available only on the newly launched Epic Games store as well as UPlay.

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The first big publisher to move their upcoming AAA release from the Steam Store over to the new Epic Games Store.


With Epic taking only a 12% cut of sales – compared to Valve’s 30% cut with Steam – it’s become an attractive prospect for developers and publishers.



Interesting, wonder what the actual sales figures look like and how uplay and steam numbers differ… Also if and how they’ll force people to use uplay after buying something on epic… So many questions


… And if Epic is going to fix their launcher on Mac. Man the thing chugs.


now that is wishful thinking; However I always find it off when companies have a “mac” application but could not be bothered with making a Linux build. It’s not that far off, I mean you’re 80+% of the way there.

Like seriously with Unreal Engine, it takes little to no effort to build/cook windows clients on a windows system (as expected) and a little bit of effort to build for Linux, Android, XBox and Playstation (on Windows). Linux and iOS, Android, XBox and PS (on Linux) is also trivial.

However, building for Mac requires a Mac running MacOS. However from a tooling perspective Mac tooling is identical to the Linux tooling. It’s LLVM using Clang as the compiler (which is exactly wat Linux uses and what Windows uses for cross-compilation).

Which leads me to the question of “If you’re building for Windows and Mac, why are you not building for Linux?”


I’ve avoided ubisoft games anyway ever since I bought Anno 2070 and uplay wouldn’t let me play.


Mine was after the simcity problems. I dit get black flag since T.B recomended it.


It was “Watch Dogs” for me…


Ubisoft games aren’t all bad. I loved my time with The Division and I’m currently enjoying Assassins Creed Origins quite a bit… Child of Light was also a magical experience and I want to get back to the Rayman games.