The Division 2

So far I am impressed. The game auto detected my PC with everything on low and even then I could tell it wasn’t running smooth. I thought I’d take a gamble and switch to DX12 and much to my surprise it worked and I could even push it to medium settings and now it runs very smooth. Probably not a solid 60FPS but no noticeable lag anymore. Shooting is decent, loot seems good.


The game is very well optimized. I run on high/very high at a solid 75fps
You have a Radeon right? Then you should be on DX12


Correct yes. I have a RX460. It’s a bit long in the tooth now but it still serves me well for the most part.

I bought this on EGS now (it’s R5 cheaper than on Uplay).

@MalicE gee my 'n clan invite daar asb. Uplay name is Myrdlok.

sal so maak as ek weer op is


Yea I cant do it unfortunately - to many issues with uplay+ so wont finish the game

You can buy the game for $3 on EGS and link it to your Uplay account and keep playing without Uplay +.

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Naw we got to 70% done so just not in the mood right now

Definitely getting it and then I’ll get the files from you :mechanical_arm:

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I remember playing Division as a mostly solo experience, ended up putting about 120+ hours into it. Granted I wasn’t really interested in the Dark Zone bollocks, even did that solo.

But given that a lot of games lately seem to push that social barrier and expect people to embrace that experience, I have been a bit aprehensive of picking this up. Though now at this price point, how accessible is this title to the solo players and how much enjoyment can I expect to get from this as a result?

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We played it mostly just me and Nima, it is good on solo as well

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it’s not that price on console

Still, something like 84% off is a bargain.

but you don’t have a PC

It’s available on PSN too.

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for $3??? hell I’ll buy it there at that price!

I never said it was $3. I only mentioned that it was a bargain at its current price.

Its 3 Euros on the uplay store

you implied you were considering shopping it because it’s so cheap now, but you don’t have a PC. So what is it going for on PSN?

I believe it is R159 on PSN.

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